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The National Sports Collectors Convention This is a seasonal forum that will run from about April through August each year.

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Default National thoughts/recap

Just wanted to chime in on how my first National in 15 years went. Sorry for the long read, but I just wanted to give some thoughts.

We were at booth 2300 (theyesteryearcompany), and honestly, I actually think we had one of the better booths in the place (everyone told us that, lol). Granted from the general public entrance on the west part of the IX center, we were the last booth (several times, we had people say...whew this is now my last stop!) On the flip side we were right in front of the VIP entrance on the east side. Right near the autograph pavilion, food court...many times we had people ask how we got this spot, etc.

Speaking of which, one of the best things about this show is meeting everyone. People were generally interested in how we were doing, telling us we hope you have a good show, have a safe trip etc. 98% of the people we met (customers, dealers) were terrific. I talked sports, the hobby, where we were from, etc. From a sales standpoint, almost every deal I had was great. I almost always discounted something, or if I couldn't move much on an item, they understood...or I would mention if you were interested in something else, maybe I could do something on a few items. I got into a groove, where whatever I quoted to someone...they would say, "sounds good, perfect, that's what I was thinking." I am there to sell, not show the cards off. People knew a general idea of where I was and by the end of the week, the holes in my showcases reflected that I think. People would say "wow look at these holes in here, you must be doing ok" but honestly by Saturday afternoon you are so tired, it is tough to start replacing things, lol. We had daily customers, who came back each day which was really nice as well. That says a lot. BTW, since we were at the autograph pavilion....the longest line by far all week, was Hulk Hogan! Crazy!

I had $10, $15, $20 and $25 cases and then the higher stuff was priced. A lot of people commented on the presentation, which I appreciated, as my wife and I took time to get it ready under circumstances where we couldn't be as organized as we wanted to be. I only had 3 boxes out (dollar, 3 dollar and 5 dollar), and they did very well as I knew they would. I wanted to have many more, but there was no time to do so for this show. Chicago next year, I plan to have up to 80 boxes of these!

One regret, I had no chance to walk around the show, since it was just my wife and myself. You need manpower, and we only had the one booth. Having double the size next year will be challenging, but we will be up to the task I believe. One of the days, we didn't even really get to sit down until 5. We both tried to say hello, or if you need to see anything, let us know. If we didn't for some reason, please just know on the other side of the get exhausted and maybe lapse in doing so every once in awhile. Or you are trying to jam a sandwich in your mouth, so as not to be rude. If I was on my phone it was to find out how my 4 yr old was doing, I wasn't on it hardly at all. BTW, the lack of wifi was ridiculous. Also trying to leave each night, you would think they would have someone doing the traffic. It took us 30 mins just to get out of there...and on Friday I think it was we got stuck behind not one, but TWO trains that added another 20 mins of waiting!!

Nonetheless, it was so refreshing to be back in it, I am so glad to have done it and look forward to next year. It was the first time my wife experienced it all, and I think she got bitten by the bug we all love. It was great having her there with me, and she started to see how I worked and was able to start either asking me on a price, or quoting something herself I met so many people, and already made a lot of connections. Also, seeing the amount of kids/teenagers who really knew their took me back to myself at Fort Washington Motor lodge in 1980 buying wax boxes and singles at 7 yrs old. I think the future of the hobby is in fine shape based on seeing them.

Thanks to everyone who bought some stuff from us and if so, please let me know what you picked up either on here or via pm. Thoughts or questions, feel free to let me know. I wanted to send a quick shoutout to Meelypops for his writeup last made me want to do the show as he had the logistical side of things spelled out (we totally did the early set-up based on what he said.) I tried to stop by his booth but I just couldn't make it out as mentioned, we were steady almost the whole time.

Anyways, I can't believe how fast it went. We did better than I thought sales wise...and I even had one decent buy on Sunday before leaving. Which went as well as my selling....he quoted a price and I said "done, that's where I was at." It just validated the whole show. We will have so much more next year as we have 2 booths, and many boxes loaded to dig through. Look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago next year, and meeting new people too! Dan
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Takin advice from that Meelypops character can be dangerous!

Love reading your review and likewise, found it impossible to leave booth. Glad it was a success Dan!

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Congrats on a busy, successful National.
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I remember going through those boxes. There was a lot of good stuff there just nothing that I was looking for. If you went through the boxes, I'm sure you found something great for your collection.
Always looking for Cleveland sports memorabilia.
Looking for rare late 90's Indians Cards- if price is right.

Also possibly interested in current Indians (Not crazy about current card designs though)
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