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I am with the majority in that while you may on rare occasion make some money ripping wax, like a casino the odds are very much stacked against you to come out ahead over time. You would be much better off doing some homework and trying to find some undervalued players with room for appreciation. e.g. Former top picks currently in the minors or riding the bench, lower draft picks that are emerging as good players.
On a personal note not sure why anyone would want Greg Bird cards. He is already 25, has been hurt numerous times the past 3 years (only 130 combined games in 3 years!!) and has a combined average of under .200 the past 2 years. A 9.5 2012 Chrome Auto sells for like $150. Pretty sure you can get a 2010 Yelich or 2016 Bregman for about the same price. Those guys are about the same age as Bird and already done 100X more on the field. Pretty obvious which one represents a better value. Skip the hype buy using common sense.
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Originally Posted by PayneSports View Post
On a personal note not sure why anyone would want Greg Bird cards. He is already 25, has been hurt numerous times the past 3 years (only 130 combined games in 3 years!!) and has a combined average of under .200 the past 2 years.
The Buy Bird Sell Judge comment is a running joke in the baseball section, related to some advice given out not long before Judge blew up in 2017.
Always looking for more George Brett stuff. Need more rookies, low numbered inserts/parallels and on-card autos (no Panini).
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Stick to landing planes...
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Originally Posted by sullysullinburg View Post
Hey Y'all,

First post here, so if this is the wrong section, I do apologize for needing to move/delete this thread. A little bit about myself first. I am a college student currently and have previously collected, bought and sold, coins. I've seen other coin collectors who dabble in cards so I thought I might give it a shot. I am mainly interested in learning if it is possible to make money by buying packs/boxes/cases, open them, and sell the contents. I know you can buy undervalued cards from eBay/shops/yard sales/etc. but that seems very time intensive, tons of time learning about every card out there and a value etc.. Simply opening packs and selling the contents seems a lot simpler and straightforward. But, as I've been told much time when I was learning about flipping coins, if it was easy, everybody would do it. So, anyone who has done this, what were your results? Is there a strategy here? Is it just pure luck? Would you recommend others do it? How do you decide what packs to buy? Anything else you think could be helpful for me to know is greatly appreciated.

Stay with coins. They do not go up/down as fast or as much.

I'm selling my nephew's card collection (valued over $20,000) I got around $2,000 and the rest should get me an other $500.00. His coin collection valued at $15,000 has gotten over $8,000.
Looking for ALL players from Nebraska. Pro/College uniforms (mainly ones I do not have)
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I used to buy cases, it was NASCAR stuff, Press Pass, I got cases near cost, but back then, I was one of the biggest breakers of NASCAR stuff. I'd buy 5-10 cases, and got them up the day of release. Back then you could make your money back in a week. But now there is soooooo much competition, that unless you can get the stuff at cost, crack it, and get the good stuff up in under 24 hours, the market gets flooded. After the good stuff is gone, you left with boxes of singles. Unless you have a ton of free time to make sets, you might as well just burn em. After Press Pass closed, you couldn't make a profit if you got the stuff at half cost. So it's a terrible idea unless you can get the product at cost and delivered on the day it's released. There are a few guys on here buy cases and make money, it's possible, but tough!
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Well, OP. If you get a COMC account, I'll buy any card from you for $20. Then you can use that $20 to invest on site and see exactly how easy/difficult it is to buy and sell cards online, from the absolute easiest place to do it.
Here's my Primer about the company:
Then read this thread:

Maybe it's the kind of part time job you're looking for at college.
Still trying to complete the Jordy Lara 2015 Bowman Draft paper and chrome rainbows. Need metallic paper, red paper, any plate
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