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Default Fantasy Baseball Keeper Help...Please!!

Moved to the Fantasy section - MoD

I play in a competitive 5x5 standard scoring roto fantasy league in which we are permitted to keep up to 5 players from year to year. My problem is a good one to have....which 5 do I keep!?!? My team was stacked last year, and only bad luck in the W category kept me from taking the league. I have whittled it down to the following players, and keep in mind you can keep these guys forever, or dump them year to year. I also pick 11th in the draft, out of 12. Also should note, we start 1 each C-1B-2B-3B-SS-Utility (all positions), 3 OF, 5 pitchers, of which 3 MUST be starters....

C- McCann
C- Wieters
1B- A. Gonzalez
2B- Kinsler
3B- Longoria
SS- Tulowitzki
OF- Lind
SP- Wainwright

As of right now, I'm leaning towards Kinsler, Tulo, Longoria, and A. Gonzo - Kinsler and Tulo play at thin positions, Longoria is a future top 5 pick, and should Gonzo get traded he will become more of a monster than he is. I flip flop daily on that 5th pick. What do you all think? Thanks for the help!

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I go with:


Catcher is so tough to get good stats, especially average and Wieters
will provide a nice advantage there.
Pitchers are so tough to hold due to injury, but Wainwright seems to
be immune to that and you know you will get Wins from him.
Troy Knipping
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I don't understand why people seem to place Matt Wieters above Brian McCann.

McCann just turned 26. Look at the #'s he has put up:

2006: .333 avg, 24 hr, 93 rbi, 61 runs, .388 obp
2007: .270 avg, 18 hr, 92 rbi, 51 runs, .320 obp
2008: .301 avg, 23 hr, 87 rbi, 68 runs, .373 obp
2009: .281 avg, 21 hr, 94 rbi, 63 runs, .349 obp

That is some absolute consistency. He has played in 130+ games each of these 4 seasons. You can basically lock him in for .285 avg, 22 hr, 90 rbi, 60 runs, .350+ obp.

Matt Wieters could get to that point sometime in his career, but there is no guarantee. I just think McCann is very overlooked, and I would take him ahead of Wieters. And McCann is still just 26.
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