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Default What a great mailday!

Got these in a great trade with a fantastic member on here, drj152152!

2018 Core Set 2019 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants

2016 Kaladesh Dovin Baan Chinese Foil

2012 Return to Ravnica Jace, Architect of Thought

2018 Dominaria Jaya Ballard

2016 Conspiracy; Take the Crown Kaya, Ghost Assassin

2018 Core Set 2019 Liliana, Untouched by Death

2015 Dragons of Tarkir Narset Transcendent

2016 Kaladesh Nissa, Vital Force

2015 Dragon's Maze Ral Zarek

2015 Dragons of Tarkir Sarkhan Unbroken

2014 Khans of Tarkir Sorin, Solemn Visitor Foil

2016 Eldritch Moon Tamiyo, Field Researcher

2015 Modern Masters 2015 Tezzeret the Seeker

Now, the better ones!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016 Kaladesh Chandra, Torch of Defiance

2015 Battle for Zendikar Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

2017 Amonkhet Gideon of the Trials

2015 Modern Masters 2015 Mox Opal

2018 Core Set 2019 Sarkhan, Fireblood

2012 Avacyn Restored Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

2015 Modern Masters 2015 Tarmogoyf

2018 Core Set 2019 Tezzeret, Artifice Master

2018 Core Set 2019 Vivien Reid

Got one other card in that's going straight to Beckett for grading! Thank you!
Steven Jackson
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