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Default Time to open the case thatís been sitting on the shelf for 3 years - EMINENCE

Really long story short....

In 2013, I talked some coworkers into buying some cases of original flawless and holding them sealed for a while for resale. We crushed it. The value increased by 40-80% in a matter of a few months. I made a few guys thousands of dollars and they just sat back and thanked me. It was awesome.

Fast forward to the end of 2015, and eminence was announced. I thought we might be able to do the same thing again. But when I saw the checklist, I was disappointed. Only two rookies. No logomen. No dual logomen Autos.

Such a bummer.

I let the guys know that I didnít think the investment would pay off and that it was a no go.

A couple of hours later one of my buddies texted me back. ďIím sad. I really wanted to buy some. I just really like the look of eminence.Ē

I was sad too. I wanted it to be great. I hoped it would be better, but as I dissected the checklist, I found it compelling.

We kind of talked each other into it.

I bought three cases. Two for me. One for my buddy, Rem.

A couple months after purchasing the cases, I opted to trade my cases as part of a package to get the Kobe championship tag auto /2. But that still left Remís case.

Iíve listed it for sale several times, but between ebay and PayPal fees, shipping, risk of loss, we havenít found a domestic buyer that would make it worth while.

So, that brings us to tonight. Rem just finished his PHD, and itís time to celebrate. Iíll get the video up first think in the morning.

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