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We're 1 week away from the playoffs so wanted to post updates for everyone.

Congratulations to Carnivale and Michael's Team on securing playoff spots! This week will only have an effect seeding for them.

Competing for the other 2 spots we have: Not Chad, Mcgoo2's Crew, C & M Collectibles, Nikki's revenge, Nate's Nifty Team, and an outside shot by MF39 Ballin Raiders.

A very tight race among them, this will likely come down to points. Last week was an interesting one as everyone currently 7-6 and in the hunt actually didn't manage a win among the group so it should be a nail-bitter this week. Not Chad did and right now has the edge by not just record but also points so will likely take a spot.

The prize pool for those who need reminding and a push to try and make it:

1st place: $400
2nd place: $325
3rd place: $175

Good luck to all of you!

For those not competing I won't lock any teams but I would prefer you don't use waivers on any big acquisitions and kind of wait to the last minute to fill your roster spots from here on out. Feel free to make non-interfering moves though, know a lot of people hate finishing last and care about their record.

For all I'll be leaving feedback when the season is done and payouts go out, thanks for a smooth season from a commissioner standpoint so far. I think everyone stayed active for the most part but did try to PM people who might have left multiple players who were OUT in an active lineup if I spotted it.

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