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CONTEST! Contests Run by Blowout Forum Members, For Blowout Forum Members!

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Default Help me with pack scans, get prizes.

Currently closed as of 2/3/2014 -- will restart in a week or so

Since I can't chase new releases all over town, I'm going to try something new.

Starting immediately, I'm looking for scans of packs. I want hobby, jumbo, and any and all retail SKUs. Specfically, I want scans of the back where the odds are. Each time you provide me with clean, legible scans of product I don't already have, I will add your name to a list. Every 3 months I will take all the names and ask a mod to randomize them 3 times. After the random, the first name on the list will get a group break spot on the Blowout Forums, chosen and paid for by me. The last name on the list will get $20 in Blowout gift certificates.

  1. To enter, post a clean, legible scan of the odds-portion of the pack. I hve to be able to read the odds! Scan chould include the entire odds section, including the NPN and other information. If possible, post a scan of the front of the pack as well. Include in the post the kind of product (hobby, retail pack, retail rack pack, Jumbo, etc).

  2. Only odds for requested packs will be accepted. Immediately following this post, I will keep and updated list of what I am currently looking for. Scans from packs not listed will not count for entries.

  3. The first person to provide a clean, legible scan for a single SKU will have their name added to the list. It's simple, first scan gets in. However, in order to encourage people to contribute, I will continue to accept "good faith" entries posted after the first one. This means that if someone posts a scan at 1:42pm and you post a different one at 2:01pm, you might still get an entry. This is entirely at my discretion and there is no set time window. It may be minutes, it may be hours. I won't always be available to update the thread so use common sense. If someone posts a clean scan a day before you do, you probably won't be getting an entry.

  4. Submit scans in this thread or via PM. Timestamp in this thread and in PMs will be used to determine who gets entries per product.

  5. Scan should be your original. It can also be a photo, as long as it is readable. Avoid any problems and write your username on the pack in sharpie. If I determine that the scan/photo isn't yours, you may lose your entry. I'm not going to be going all BODA but if I notice it, I'll enforce this rule.

  6. You can receive multiple entries. For each qualifying scan of a different SKU you get an entry. This means that if you post a retail pack and a retail rack pack, you get two entries. Easiest way to tell, as long as they have different odds, they count seperately. In some cases, even the same product can have different odds (hanger packs from Target are different than hanger packs from TRU). So if you post 1 Update rack, 1 Update hanger, and 1 Update hobby, you get on the list 3 times (3 entries).

  7. Prizes. At the end of 3 months (or 50 entries, whichever comes first--I want to keep the odds nice and low), the full list of entries will be posted for a mod to randomize 3 times. Then two (2) prizes will be awarded.

    First Prize. The first name on the list after randomization will get a Group Break Slot purchased by me in their name. The group break will be on Blowout and hosted by an officially approved host. The break will be determined by me at my discretion but it will most likely be a random break, not a draft break. If you are banned, you lose your spot.

    Last Prize. The last name on the list will get $20 in Blowout gift certificates. If you are banned, you lose your spot.

What does the community get out of this? Well in addition to any prizes, I'm going have a much more up-to-date list of pack odds. This information will be publically available in table format. It doesn't answer the commonly asked question, "What should I buy?" but it gives us something to point to. Plus it's fun to compare.

If there's interest, I'll also start posting NPN info for anyone who wants to try their hand at that game.
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