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Default Am I the only one that misses this

Watching the playoffs hasn't been the same anymore. It's not the awful officiating or the Mike Dantoni 7 second offense being adopted by almost every team in the league. Its how the game looks on the court. Gone are the days of the playoffs being advertised and letting it be known on your home court. Gone are the days with the finals logo being worn proudly on the front of the jersey but now forced on the back where no one can see it. I thought it might be gone for just the first round or maybe even the second round. But to not have it on the floor for the conference finals and I'm assuming the finals is just a disappointment. I read articles saying it was taken away for player safety but please Mr Silver bring back the playoff decals and put the finals logos where they belong!!!

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I don't have a problem with bringing them back but they would need to make some changes. I seem to remember players slipping on the decals pretty bad one year.
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Player safety be damned!
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I remember watching a college basketball game that had decals all over the court, and in about a span of ten minutes 3 players slipped on it. I agree that it looks much better with the finals decal, but I understand why they don't have it anymore. As for the finals logo on the jersey, I actually think it looks cool on the back, but I do get what you're saying.
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I absolutely agree with you. Last year when I noticed no playoff or Finals logos on the court, was terrible. And with the logoman being on the backs of the jersey ruined it, too. I like collecting cards of players where you can visibly see the Finals logoman on their jerseys. You can't really have any cards now to know if they are from the Finals now unless you get lucky and see the back of a defender or something. Pretty lame I think.
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