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Old 07-04-2008, 01:12 AM   #1
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Default my upper deck frustration

so i did it again. i got a box of 08 ud piece of history and i wonder what is up with their quality control.
i bust the box and i was astonished to find a piece of history denzel worn card and a bunch of base cards and a whopping 2 numbered cards, well there was 4 yankee stadium cards.
so this isn't the first time this has happened to me. i got a box of 08 spectrum for fathers day and same thing i got the spectrum of the stars and all the rest were base and the ysl cards.

so this is twice in a month that i have been sol by ud. last time i sent them all the stuff they asked for but nothing back yet. so i need to call them again tomorrow.

i have to say i hope that the other 2 boxes that my local shop is holding for me make up for it. i was thinking that maybe the missing cards are in the rest of the boxes or in 1 box sense its all from 1 case.(who knows) but with my luck i might get screwed again. do you think i should have him still hold these for me or should i get them from somewhere else?

has anyone else had this bad a problems with them and if so how good are they at replacing. i had a problem with a topps product and they are great for speed of service but that was only 1 missing card.

i don't care how many average, good or fantastic boxes i have gotten from any company, or the fact that they say on average. if they say on average i expect at least close to it.

oh well had to rant somewhere and i will call them tomorrow and see what they say.
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Old 07-04-2008, 06:04 PM   #2
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I've had this problem many times with Upper Deck products. Just because there were missing hits in that box doesn't mean that the rest of the boxes from the case will make up for it. I had the same thought with my last case of Upper Deck Series 2. I picked up 4 boxes out of a case from my hobby shop and each were missing a hit (either an auto or memorabilia) so I decided to pick up the last 8 boxes in hopes of extra hits but none of them did. If you pull a rotten apple from a barrel chances are that the rest of them are.

Topps is great with replacing. Only once have I attempted to send back my stuff (packs, box, UPC, receipt) from an Upper Deck product in hopes for them to replace what I should have pulled (I can't remember the product) and their response..."Sorry for your troubles but Upper Deck doesn't guarantee odds per box, they are just average ratios". If the guarantee isn't printed on the box in bold letters (example: One Autograph and Two Memorabilia per box!) I doubt that you'll receive anything in return. Unfortunately for you, UD Piece of History just says 'One Hollywood Memorabilia Card Per Box' on the box. The odds for autograph and memorabilia cards are just 'average per pack' so they might throw that excuse back at you. So whenever I open Upper Deck products these days I just cross my fingers and hope that I'll get what is promised.

But I'm sorry for your troubles
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Old 07-06-2008, 04:26 PM   #3
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We busted a box of UD NFL Draft yesterday. 2 of the packs only had 6 cards in them (should be 10 per pack). There was nothing special about those 2 packs, not hits or anything. Just 2 packs with only 6 cards in them. No wonder we so rarely buy UD.
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