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Default Blowoutcards Top 20 Box/Case Rankings - October 26th

Blowout's Newest Feature that will keep Collectors Informed on the HOTTEST Selling products in the Marketplace. Ranking is determined by what sells on the website and what collectors are asking for.

We will post changes as Products start to Move UP and DOWN in Price and Demand. Check it out DAILY !


DATE: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

# 1 -2010 Topps Update & Highlights baseball

# 2 -2010 Topps Chrome Baseball

# 3 -2010 Panini Certified Hockey

# 4 -2010 Topps Chrome Football

# 5 -2010/11 Panini Prestige Basketball

# 6 -2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

# 7 -2010 Topps Finest Football

# 8 -2009/10 UD The CUP Hockey

# 9 -2010 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football

# 10- 2007/08 Basketball products with K.Durant Rookies

# 11 -2010 Razor MMA Inetrnational

#12 -2010 Konomi Yugioh Marik Decks

# 13 -2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball

# 14 -2010 Topps T 206 Baseball

#15 -2010 Topps Hobby & Jumbo Football

# 16 -2010 UD Sweet Spot Football

# 17 -2010 Just Minor Jersey Edition Baseball

# 18 -2010 Rittenhouse Marvel Heroes & Villians

#19 -2010 Topps pro Debut Series 2 Baseball

# 20 -2010 Panini Rookie & Stars Football


Alot of the products on the List have come down in price since initial release. There are too many releases hitting at once and dealers need to move products to replenish cash flow. This is essentially good news for collectors who have been able to buy products cheaper each week. We have also been able to lock in Cases at a much lower level and we pass these savings on to our customers with updated pricing Daily on our website.

It may seem odd to see products such as 2010 Topps Chrome BB so high on the Hot list since pricing has fallen. The reason is that we continue to sell more of that product than any other item each time its marked down. The same holds true for many of the products on the list. Collectors dictate the market price and what they are willing to pay for a product. If the pricing falls too cheap, we end up selling out and getting requests for 5 and 10 case lots.

This glut of product occurs around this time of the year (each and every year). There is an oversupply between September -December. Preorders for future products stall and then everything from January-April moves up in price. Simple supply and demand. A Classic example would be 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball. Orders come in small and by the time it releases in early Feb each year, the product is underordered and moves up in price.

Keep an eye on the better products with decent content. When the market turns around, these will move up quickly in a matter of weeks. You will be glad to have put away some products looking back 6 months from now. I think 2010 Topps Chrome BB will be one of those products.

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Top 10 Presell Boxes/Cases
DATE: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

# 1 -2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball

# 2 -2010 Topps Five Star Football

# 3 -2010 Topps USA Baseball Team

#4 -2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball

# 5 - 2010 Press Pass Five Star Racing


# 7 -2011 Topps Baseball Series 1


# 9 - 2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball

# 10 -2010/11 ITG Ultimate memorabilia 10th Edition HK

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