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Default Shipping to Japan

I am selling an item and someone asked if I was willing to shop to Japan. He said the shipping cost would be similar to shipping first class in US. My listing is for $2.99 for first class with thick package.

Has anyone shipped to Japan and know if the cost is comparable?

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If you send it for $2.99, you are sending it with NO confirmation & you are trusting the buyer to be honest that he receives the card.

You can send with a tracking number, but it's close to $20. Depends on how much the card is worth, if you want to take that route.
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He has 100% feedback with over 100 ratings. Would that help?
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Having a high feedback rating is always what I look for in International shipping. I started shipping Internationally over a year ago and have shipped to Japan twice. Always a positive experience. However, you and the seller have to be patient. Cause sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks for a package to get delivered depending upon how long it takes to go through Customs.

I would highly recommend doing it if the card's value is in your comfort zone of losing the card in a dispute. I usually will gladly accept sales overseas under 10-20.00 and haven't had a problem yet. Also now that International feedback doesn't count toward your DSR's, a negative won't hurt your seller rating.

We'd need more information about the card and its value, but if you feel comfortable about possibly losing that investment, then go ahead. All of my sales to Japan have been very positive.
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Old 10-30-2010, 10:07 PM   #5
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I 2nd what benshobbies says.

Look at the buyers feedback in detail, even read the positive feedbacks for any hint of the buyer making a lot of non-receipt claims.

What you'd use is First Class Mail International, 2 oz is $2-$3. Rate climbs per oz pretty fast, 6 oz is in the $5-$6 range, depending on the Country.

I've shipped almost 100 cards overseas via First Class Mail International and I have yet to have been filed a claim of non-receipt of the card. If a claim is filed though, I'm out the card.

High-end card ($150+) I ship via Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope, which is around $30. That provides complete online tracking as if it were a domestic package. I'm not sure if Priority Intl does the same, I would like to know if someone else has tried that before?
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Priority Mail International offers tracking. Priority Mail International flat rate box and envelope do not however. I think it costs $26.50.
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