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Default 2008 topps triple threads question

so if you have read any of my post you know that i have only gotten back into collecting 2-3 months ago and if you haven't now you know.

i am not a rich man and can never afford a case (at least at this moment in life) and at this time i am on disability and have been so for 9 months due to back problems and recent spinal fusion.
and i have been enjoying myself busting boxes and it has helped with my sanity when i feel stir crazy because i used to work 10-12 hours a day and now i am home 99% of the time so organizing and building sets is helping. i will tell you it is great mental help.
wel i can aford a good couple of boxes hear and there and maybe have gotten out of hand but now i have slowed down.
but i have a new system for my habit: since the release of 07 topps chrome i have bought a box and layed away 2 boxes. so i have done this with the chrome and piece of history and have talked with him about getting me 3 of each goudey, a&g, udx, bowman chrome and most releases.
he is a great guy and have been shoping with him for years for my comics and collectables but up until recently have not bought cards (now he's getting even more money from me). this has been working great and i do pay a bit more to help out the local hobby shop but i get to put money down as i have it and if i have more grab what i want. and all my older boxes i still get from blowout or frank and sons.
well he and i just spoke about triple threads,

so heres my question is it wise for me to get only 2 boxes. at $20 more than blowout but i can put 20-30 down here and there and pick it up when i can. and it helps so my wife doesn't see the large puchase and me come home with so little in her eyes (she enjoys busting and sees the advantage to bust items like a&g, goudey, spectrum and boxes in that range. but 2 packs for $180 i need to play magic man.
so should i do 2 boxes?
are my chances poor to pull something good? (i keep seeing all these products with 10% gold and 90% fluff and i am afraid to get the fluff part)
now don't get me wrong i understand odds and all and i enjoy the chase but i see a chase when you get 14-24 packs, but with 2 packs at this price i am kinda scared.
i've read the sell sheets and it looks good and i don't expect to pull a 1/1 out of 2 boxes (however that would be great).

i just want opinions if possible.

sorry i just relized i am ranting yet again which if you have seen my post i do alot to get to my point.
well that it hope someone can give me insight
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I'm not sure if the entire checklist has been produced yet. I think Triple Threads BB will be good, but its also a product thats known for having "fluff boxes" Its very much a hit or miss product but has a ton of potential. The one thing I would do with Triple Threads is buy a box and not just a pack. This way your guaranteed the auto. I've done the pack thing twice now and gotten a jersey card both times. If I were walking into a store and they had a sealed box and i had the chance to open the first pack, I would, if I got the auto I may stop, but with the nature of TT I'd probably still take my chances and open the 2nd pack since you've got the foldouts and all the parallel hits.
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