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Default The NEW HOT LIST


We've changed up the Hotlist and it's going to be more of our opinion on what we think will move up in value along with what collectors are buying and asking us for over the past week. We may not have 10-20 items each week but will list just the ones we think are trending up. If we see something happening during the week, we'll post it up also.

1) Skybox Metal Universe Red Gems #'d to 50 and Green Gems #'d to 10:
Take a look at the closing prices recently on singles. Even the scrubs

skybox gem items

2) 2010 Bowman Baseball: Before the carnage, this was the product that got everyone excited. There's none of this around. Even Retail disappeared. This product will be a monster down the road as scarcity sets in.

3) 2010 Topps Baseball products that are well below Cost. Collectors are still breaking Case after Case. 6 months-12 Months from now, Collectors may look back at these prices as missed opportunities: 2010 Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome, Update & Highlights, T206, pro Debut 2

4) 2009/10 Panini Bskt Products: Blake Griffin is leading the 09/10 product back. Seeing alot of action in the higher end product which will then trickle down to the lower end also in time. 2009/10 Panini Blake Griffin On Card Auto's are on fire.

2009 10 blake griffin items

5) Any Michael Vick 2001 products such as SP Authentic, Contenders, Bowman Chrome RC's are moving.

2001 vick items

6) 2008/09 Bskt products: All about Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. 2 Studs and it's getting harder to find products from that year.

2008 derrick rose items

2008 russell westbrook items

7) Topps UFC 2 Products: UFC 1 is still selling in the $600-$700 per BOX range. UFC 2 is around $100. The production is much higher than UFC 1 but much less than Uncaged and UFC 4. Just a matter of time before these take a jump. UFC Round 2 Jon Jones RC Autograph Blue/Red Ink versions are strong sellers.

8) 2009/10 Topps Chrome Rookies (Found in 2009/10 Topps Basketball)- People keep asking for 09/10 Topps Chrome but they are only in 09/10 Topps Bskt. There was no Topps Chrome produced that year.

9) 2010 Panini National Treasures Football. Alot of questions already following the success of the NT Bskt product.

10) 2010 Bowman Chrome with USA Autographs (Starling, Swihart, McCullers). This may even drive the 2010 Topps USA Product upcoming.

2010 bowman chrome usa items

11) 2010 Topps Football products: Although not as drastic a drop, The FB trend followed the BB lower and many of these will come back in price in time. More noteworthy are 2010 Topps chrome Fb, Topps and Triple Thread.

12) 2005/06 UD The CUP HK: Most other CUP HK products are $3000+ with the exception of 2009/10 which is new. At some point, these are similar to 03/04 Exquisite bskt. You have arguably the 2 best HK players in this product. Cases will one day bring a premium. More of an investment rather than a break.

2005 06 the cup items

13) 90's Basketball Jordan and Kobe Inserts (Dunk N' Go Nuts, Precious Metal Gems, Fleer Team Leaders/Total D, Jordan Scoring Kings). Many of these are Unnumbered and NON-Autos. Just old school Inserts that are coming back strong.

14) 2008/09 Steven Stamkos RC Auto's. Driving much of the 2008/09 HK products

2008 09 Steven Stamkos items

15) Topps UFC 4: No where near UFC 1 or 2 and will never be with the print run being so high but these are undervalued. For the break and the big name autos, cases will jump quickly at some point.

16) 2010 Panini Plates & Patches FB. Alot of breakers asking about this. The Group Breaks are jumping on this product. Could be a sleeper that is priced in the middle of all the typical $75 Panini products and the super high end $400+ Boxes. Panini may have found a niche in the middle with Plates & Patches

17)2009/10 UD The Cup HK: With all other CUP HK products through the roof, these will one day be close to $3000 cases also. When CUP HK drys up each year, the run up happens quickly.

18) 2011 UFC Knockouts- Tough to find the product on a presell basis. Alot of demand. Only time will tell how it does. Release has been pushed back to 01/26 now.

19) 2010 Panini Justin Bieber Auto- You laugh but his Auto may bring $500+. 500 Autos made. Let the chase begin!
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