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Default Significant SETS from the last decade

IMO, these are the most significant sets from the last decade. What are yours? Why?

1) 03-04 UD Exquisite
This was the first time a card company released a $500 pack, and there was A LOTTTT of mixed emotions about this. But in the end, this was thee set to have

2) 03-04 UD Exquisite Dual Logoman 1 of 1
The Jordan/ Kobe was the first modern card to hit the $100k mark, and it also started the Logoman craze

3) 08-09 Skybox Precious Metal Gems
After a 10-year hiatus, this was the return of arguably the best basketball set ever made. Collectors were excited, shocked, happy, sad and everything in between over this modern classic. Overall, this set was a HUGE hit!!

4) 03-04 Bowman Chrome
With Dwyane Wade leading the way, this set put “rainbow” cards (Refractor, Xfractor, Gold Refractor, etc.) on the basketball map

5) 03-04 Topps Photoshoot
This wasn’t the first time Topps made the photoshoot cards, but this is the first time collectors took notice. Since then, the Photoshoot cards have been very popular with collectors

6) 09-10 Panini National Treasures
NT debut and Panini’s own version of Exquisite

7) 03-04 through 06-07 Jambalaya
This is one of my favorite looking sets ever

Honorable Mention: 03-04 Topps Chrome, 08-09 Topps Chrome, and 04-05 UD Trilogy Patch Autograph Set

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Jambalaya and E-X Essential Credentials def worth mentioning so good call there since many of the rest are pretty obvious (first year of EXQ, first year of NT). i would add in there the UD Black brand as a whole. completely unique in its price, packaging, design, hits, value, just the WOW factor... everything innovative and will never be closely duplicated.
getting out of the hobby by the end of the 2013-14 basketball season... slowly ebaying the PC
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i came back to the hobby in 08 after a 6 year wasnt around when the 03-04 mj kobe dual logoman was sold...
it really sold for over 100K?
legit sale, not some auction house saying it sold for 100k when it didnt to jack up the value..

i collect basketball patch cards..
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