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Default Report from the National from Chicago


For those that did not get the chance to attend the National in Chicago they missed quite a show. Lots of box/pack/case incentives from UD, Donruss, ITG, Razor, Press Pass and Sportkings.

There were a couple of large wax dealers, the 2 largest being Dave and Adams Cardworld and Blowout Cards - I have to say this was an easy decision on where to purchase products - Product for product Blowout beat the pants of of DA on everything that was similar. They were always a couple of bucks cheaper and had a better selection of wax. Add in the better customer service, the fact that Blowout was BUYING cards back at reasonable rates and that they gave away a ton of free products this made it a no brainer.

Both companies had raffles for spending $$ on products but to get into the better raffle at DA you had to spend $200 or more at a single time on wax - Blowout was giving raffle tickets out to all buyers base on the $$ that was spent.

On Friday afternoon they even gave away a box of Razor Cut Signatures with a guaranteed Presidental Cut in it at the show (turned out to be Gerald Ford) Box battle were great and the crowd was into it.

Tons of high end wax being broken all over the show - Cup hockey was hot and it looked like Exquisite BB was a little slower. Triple Threads was hot but without Topps being at the show there were better rips to be had.

Donruss did some great promotions and the packs that they were giving away had tons of random autographs in them.

All in all it was a great 5 days at the show (I went 4 out of the 5 days) and if you could not find what you wanted then you did not look hard enough.

Blowout plans on doing some addtional shows around the country so next time you are at a big show and you see towers of wax and a crazy east coast guy with a shaved head and a goatee run up to him and ask him if he is Fish - maybe he will have a free T shirt for you or better yet maybe he will have a $59 show special case of football that is well worth the rip -

Great show and nice to see the gang in Chicago - looking forward to Cleveland next year -
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