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Default Super Bowl Promo Donruss Americana Sports Legends HIT Break

Let's try another Break for a Super Bowl Promo Slot
I will do up to the 7 spots I have remaining in the SB Promo.

Donruss Americana Sports Legends 5 Box Hit Break

$299/21 (20 Hits, 1 Parallel/Insert lot)
Shipping/Supplies $3.25
Paypal Fees .81
= $18.31
Call it $18.50 per slot, $17.50 for 2nd slot and $17 for 3rd slot and up.

Product will be open live on BlogTv

10 packs/box 5 cards/pack

- 4 autograph or memorabilia cards (At least 1 autograph per box).
- 2 parallels
- 2 inserts

Hall of Famers:
Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, Jim Brown, Joe Montana, Knute Rockne, Dan Marino, John Elway, Larry Bird, Dick Vitale, Jerry West, Bill Walton, Dean Smith, John Wooden, Oscar Robertson, Patrick Roy, Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Mike Bossy, Jake LaMotta, Martina Navratilova, Jim Courier, Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, Al Unser, among others.

Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Serena Williams, Peggy Fleming, Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Bruce Jenner, Mike Powell, Cat Osterman, Jennie Finch, Michelle Akers, Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, Jeanette Lee, Dennis Rodman, Ron Turcotte, Bela Karolyi, and Pete Weber, among others.

Signature Connection Combo Dual Signed Cards:
Jim Brown/Mike Powell, Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders, Nolan Ryan/Troy Aikman, Al Unser/Richard Petty, Bill Walton/John Wooden, Al Unser Sr./Al Unser Jr., and Bill Walton/Troy Aikman among others.

Legends of the Game Combo Dual Material Cards:
Pete Rose/Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ted Williams/Larry Bird, Knute Rockne/Paul "Bear" Bryant, Willie Mays/Joe Montana, and Cale Yarborough/Richard Petty among others.

Collegiate Legends Patches:
Tom Seaver(USC), Reggie Jackson(Arizona State), Lisa Leslie(USC), Dean Smith(North Carolina), Randy Couture(Oklahoma State), and John Wooden(UCLA & Purdue) among others.

- Common (150)

- Mirror Parallels (150) - 5 levels, #'d to 250 or less.
- Mirror Signatures (150) - 5 levels featuring a signature, #'d to 250 or less.
- Mirror Materials (150) - 5 levels, #'d to 500 or less.

Legends of the Game Combos (15) - Two swatches, #'d to 100 or less.
- Prime - #'d to 25 or less.

Museum Collection (35) - 6 levels, including signature, material, prime, and material signature versions.

Museum Curator Collection Materials (35) - #'d to 100 or less.
- Prime - #'d to 25 or less.
- Materials Signatures - #'d to 25 or less.

College Heroes (10) - 4 levels, including signature and material versions.

Champions (20) - 4 levels, including signature and material versions.

Collegiate Legends Patches (25) - Features trapped signed ON-CARD embroidered patches and #'d to 250 or less.

Signature Connection Combos (17) - #'d to 100 or less.

Signature Connection Triples (3) - #'d to 250 or less.

Signature Cuts 1-11 (25) - 11 levels featuring a trapped cut signature or signed parchment. Numbering from 100 or less down to 10 or less.
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Approved. You might actually be able to do a base lot from this. This is a harder set to complete and could be some quality value in the base lot.
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Cool. If people want to include a base slot prices will be
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