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Default Weekly Update (8/22/2008)

Sorry, for the late post, this hit my spam folder. guess we're not the only ones ripping them!


Here is what's going on in the Market this week:

We've been getting a lot of feedback from our members and one of the common requests was to be able to comment on each release that we review. Sometimes we're right and a lot of times we are wrong, but we're not trying to be biased towards any one release, manufacturer, or sport. We just say it like it is based on the product's content and how it sells on ebay. With that said, we've added a section under each product review as "COMMENTS". This can be used to add your opinions about each product so that real users and members can also exchange ideas.

This week must be the calm before the storm. We're all psyched about the Football season and what do we get this week? A BUNCH of small time, cheap, player lot breaking type products. You can still make money on these if you have that niche, but for most of us it is not worth wasting our money. BUT, there is one GEM hidden amongst all the crap. That would be 2008 Topps Chrome Football. Why does this product always do well every year? Simple. It comes out early, before the start of the season season. It is affordable and a great pricepoint - $55-$60 a Box. It's loaded with Rookies (that is all people want anyway). The Rookies are Grade worthy (probably the most graded Football card all year). And it is a very collectible release every year. So much of this is ripped that by the time we hit week 8 or Mid November, the product is gone and dry. It starts off around the same price every year and usually hits the $900 mark by Thanksgiving. We know it is always hard to look a few months out (especially in a week like this when everything seems to be in the crapper) but those who pick the right products and put them away will reap the rewards in a few months.

We feel this way with 2008 Topps Chrome Football. We also feel that 2008 Topps Triple Threads Baseball, 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball, and 2008 Topps Allen Ginter Baseball will also all come back strong once the initial glut of product is taken out of the market. It is a slow process that usually takes 1-2 months but when it is dry, they tend to jump in $50 and $100 price intervals within a few days.

Razor Entertainment is coming out with two products that are worth mentioning. Their first product that came out earlier in the year was a huge hit . Loaded up with celebrity and presidential cuts. The follow-up product is in the same format, same print run, and will also have added content. It is called 2008 Razor CUT Signature ENCORE. The Next product is the big one. 2008 Razor Cut Signature OVAL OFFICE. Lowest production ever for a release and highest pricepoint. SRP we believe is $2500 a Pack. There are only 99 Packs made. 1 Card per Pack and every pack is a Presidential Cut Signature or a Dual Presidential Signature. From the checklist we saw, there are actually more Dual Cuts than there are single Cuts. We have heard that there are several Cut Sig's that cost the company over $10,000-$15,000 each just to purchase for this product. There should be some $25K+ pulls but there will also be your share of $1000 or less pulls. Its probably the biggest crap shoot ever in the card industry but with only 99 shots available, they are sure to sell out. It will be interesting to see people hold packs as the singles are crossed off the checklist one by one.

Also catching our eye is the 2008 Topps Sterling Baseball. Initially they had a factory price point of $3000!! a Case, but lowered it to around $2000 a Case direct. Smart move! Apparently Topps kept the same content so in essence your getting a $3000 case now. Or maybe they just realized they couldn't charge $3000 for a $2000 case. Whatever it is, this is the best Topps Sterling product to date. The player boxes are the best yet and Topps can now draw from the Baseball legends CMG contract that give them exclusive rights to players like Babe Ruth, Clemente, Mantle, Musial, etc. In the past they could use them but in limited capacity. We are hearing that they will be going all out this year which should provide some very rare pulls and big ebay $$.

As for Basketball, we don't see any decent products coming out anytime soon. The only possible hit could be 2008/09 Topps Letterman Basketball with only 489 or so cases made. Other than that, nothing on the presell horizon looks good. Turning to Football, 2008 Bowman Sterling looks to be a decent break as it is every year but we don't expect it to run up. Surprisingly, we think 2008 Bowman and Bowman Jumbos could be the sleeper. Look at what 2008 Bowman Baseball did this year. The Jumbos are $125 a Box and the Hobby are $70-$75. The 08 Bowman Football could do well, although we don't expect it to go as high as the Baseball did. We do feel strong about 2007/08 UD Artifacts Hockey and 2008/09 UD Series 1 Hockey. Both have that proven track record of going higher each of the last 3 years. Don't fight the trend, just go with it.

That is it for this week SportsCardNation! As we close, we'll give you ONE pick each week that we think will move up in price. Next week, we will look back on it to check how we did.

This Week's Pick:

2007/08 UD "The Cup" Hockey. Currently in the $1850-$1900 per case price. This BABY's GOING HIGHER!

We have updated the website at Market Reports, Card Values, and the Hottest Auctions Online today. with a ton of new Product and Manufacturer updates this week. That is it for this week.Check out our reviews this week and please email us if you have any suggestions.

This week at SCN, we have reviewed the following products. Many of these products have just come live TODAY! Our goal is to give you the most up to date website for market conditions and information in the HOBBY!

2008 UD Rookie Exclusive Football
2008 Press Pass VIP Racing
2008 Score Football Hobby
2008 UD Rookie Premier Football Sets
2008 Topps Chrome Football

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

2008 Score Football Jumbos and Racks
Yu-Gi-Oh! '08 Collectible Tin Series 1
2008 Score Select Football
2008 Upper Deck Icons Football
2008 Bowman Sterling Football

SCN is your Source for Immediate Sportscard Information. When a player gets HOT or when a Product JUMPS in value, SCN will showcase all the Auctions so that YOU the collector will have all the information available within seconds.

Stay tuned for more announcements !

-The Staff at SCN
Blowouts Resident Wade Boggs Super Collector
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