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Default 01/17/11: Market Report 9:35 AM

Catching up from the weekend Sales. Here's whats moving:

Everything in 2005 FB is moving up. If the Packers make it to the superbowl, look for the trend to continue. There is very little 2005 FB out there which just adds to the frenzy. We could see a 20% move in the next 3 weeks.

Any 2009/10 Basketball product that has Blake Griffin Autos. This guy is on fire and collectors are cracking any product with the potential to hit his Autos. All the 2009/10 are moving up across the board.

2005/06 HK products with Crosby. Seeing a jump in SPA, SPX and even down to Fleer Ultra.

Haven't seen the move up yet on 2009 FB products. Collectors still may not believe in Sanchez but if he makes it to the big game, you could see 2009 FB take a jump.

As we mentioned last week, 2010/11 UD SP game Used HK is a tremendous break and now prices are starting to move. Also still trending higher are 2010/11 Panini Limited HK and Panini Certified HK.

2010 FB Products on the move higher and drying up: 2010 Topps Prime FB, 2010 Topps Platinum FB, 2010 Panini Threads FB, 2010 Bowman Sterling FB, 2010 Panini Crown Royale FB.

2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball should be moving up this week. Tough to restock on these.

All the Topps UFC products moving up. UFC 4 taking a jump this week as supply has finally disappeared. UFC 2 is the one to put away if you can find it.

Hearing that the 2010 Panini Rated Rookie FB Auto's may have the shortest Print run of all the products this year. Keep an eye on the single card market. We should get some press release from Panini soon.

The 2010 Topps products that tanked in the summer and fall are still our best sellers every week. We continue to buy and sell to keep them in stock for you but it's getting more difficult to lock in Case lots which tells us 1) People don't want to sell at these levels any longer as the market is getting stronger 2) Products are going to start to move higher. This is the same trend we see every year. Products go down in Sept-December when the manufacturers release the bulk of their products. Then Jan-April, we see a shortage of products which makes almost every new release a winner such as ( Topps 1 BB, Heritage BB, Finest BB Higher End FB ect...). With less products to choose from, the older products that have gone down in price start to come back again. Same cycle every year.

Anyone out there still holding on to 2010 Bowman Baseball Hobby or Jumbo cases? getting alot of people asking us and we are out so if you have any for sale...send me an email.
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