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Default Public Shoutout to tykke05

Long story short – well not really short…

We had been discussing a sale last Thursday night and into Friday. Friday we were both off and on-line so we traded PM's as quickly as we could. Well generally once I leave the office on Friday I don't get on-line much over the weekend as I am out and about - I sometimes respond to PM's on my phone - but realistically if you don't get a hold of me by 5:30 on Friday I probably won't be able to respond to your PM until Sunday night or Monday at work.

Anyway – he quoted me a price and I asked for a little more information on condition – he said it was at home and he’d get back to me – which he did and I told him I’d take the card.

Well he didn’t have a chance to PM me back until after 5:30 on Friday and at that point I was out with friends – but I replied on my phone as soon as I could that I’d take the card and pay him when I got home which would be late (maybe 1 or 2 am)

He said that was fine – and I paid when I got home – he got me a DC# the next day.

But what makes this story great for me - Is that the card I bought literally jumped maybe $50.00 in price between when we started on Thursday and ended with my payment early Saturday morning – and since we weren’t sitting at computers PM’ing back and forth for an hour we both saw the price increase before I sent the payment.

Tykke05 though was a man of his word – stuck by the price we discussed when we were both online – and didn’t try to screw me by showing me a completed auction right as I was sending payment.

That is a stand up seller right there. He avoided a little bit of fees, and helped me out as a blowout member, but at the end of the day he did lose a bit of $$ by keeping his word – that’s good karma right there.

Now that card hasn’t been received yet – but since I’m 99.9% sure that will happen tomorrow – I’m sharing the story now.

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