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Default 01/25/11: Market Report 8:25 AM

Market Report This morning:

Keep an eye on 2010 Panini Certified FB. This ones going to move in the next 2 weeks. Same goes for 2010 Bowman Sterling BB and 2010/11 UD SP GU HK. Both have taken a quick jump...settled at the current price and will move higher again. 2009/10 UD Bskt (Base Brand) moving up. I remember these cases in the low $400's just about a month ago.
The Market has changed.

Keep an eye on 2010 Topps Supreme FB. Topps is sold out and everyone that I know cut back orders on this product. If the break as anywhere decent, this product will run up quickly. I wish I had ordered more than what we did but you can't hit em all. The Panini video for 2010 Plates & patches looked great. The Packaging is exceptional and seems like collectors liked it as we sold out of what we had on the website last night when the video started to make it rounds. Will have more up today. Both Supreme FB and Plates & Patches will be live Wed.

2005 FB and 2009/10 Bskt products are on fire. Dealers continue to try to lock in product but there's essentially nothing out there. What's the differance in bidding $10 or $10,000 for something that doesn't exist. Doesn't matter what you bid when there's no one there to sell you the product! I'm sure there are a few collectors that have squirreled away a few cases so good for them. Anyone who puts a product away for 5-6 years deserves to make some money.

Have a feeling we are going to see pricing move up in the next 1-3 weeks in the following products based on 1 or more factors 1) How they are selling 2) How difficult they are to replenish and 3) Manufacturers are out

2010 Topps Platinum, 2010 Topps Prime, 2010 Panini Absolute mem,2010 Panini Epix,2010 Panini Threads,2010 panini Prestige. 2010 Topps Jumbos,2010 Panini Grid Gear, 2010 Panini Crown Royale

2010 Bowman Sterling,2010 Bowman Platinum BB. 2010 Topps U&H Jumbos,

2010/11 UD Artifacts, 2010/11 UD SP GU,2009/10 Cup Hk,2010/11 Panini Limited,2005/06 HK Products

2011 Topps BB and 2011 Topps Heritage BB presells are selling very well...too well. Pricing on all of these will be moving up this week and we should see continued strength as the product comes live in early Feb for Topps 1 BB.

Thats it for this morning...stay tuned for more info as I get it. If I hear anything new, I'll post it right away rather than just 1 report a day.

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