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Default Better Fuel Economy

We are looking for a SUV that gets better fuel mileage. We currently have a 2006 Chevy Suburban. It gets about 18 mpg highway and a little less around town. We mainly only drive it on trips, so mostly highway miles. It is the best traveling vehicle we have ever had. It seats 7 very comfortably. We are looking to get something around the 30 mpg range, without sacrificing too much comfort. Anyone have any ideas?
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You might want to look into a Saturn Vue or something comparable. They aren't as big as a Suburban, but definitely has the size advantage over something like a Pontiac Vibe. I think that they get 25-28 MPG, but I could be a little off with that number.

If you do get a Vibe though, you will get the 30 MPG you want, you will just have to compromise the size.
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I had a Kia Sedona get 24 to the gallon, but that's pretty much the best you can do on a mini-van.
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Does anyone know about the Flex-Fuel vehicles and are they available in largers SUVs?
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They are, but the problem is finding the flexfuel stations. You should do check. Also, that grade of fuel burns hotter, so you do get less mpg. Have you thought about getting into any of the Hybrid SUV's? Ford has a really nice one for the price and it gets great MPG. I think it's called the EDGE. I use to work at a major GM dealership for about 2 years. I was a a parts teams leader. If you need any help or advice let me know.

On those hybrid you really need to crunch the numbers. You pay more, however sometimes its not worth it. You may only get an extra 5mpg more buy you pay an extra 3-5k. It will take you forever to make that money up.
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Flex is available and you won't give up much. Nice part with the flex is you can use either unleaded or ethanol. Personally you'll end up paying more for the ethanol (I've got the stats to back this up..father in law ran three tanks through his V6 Ranger and it cost him about .05 per mile more on ethanol than unleaded).

Seating 7 may be a hard task. Think you'd be looking at either the Suburban, Expedition (possibility of the Explorer w/3rd row), unsure on the edges seating capasity, unsure on Dodge (maybe the Mag. wagon?) but figuring your wanting to say in the sport ultility department.

We can comfortably fit 5 in our explorer, but with the 4x4 option (v6), my wife is getting 15-16 city, and 20-22 hwy. If we didnt get the 4x4 option, we could probably get 2 more mpg, but at the time we needed it and to be honest, its kinda nice to have here 4 months out of the year (and every other time I opt to do something creative and I'm not in my truck
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