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Default 2007 SportKings Series A

I do believe that there have been several people that post on this board have disected the info (hype) that this product has allready generated. Now to my question do you believe that it would really be worth the $6450.00 per 18 box master case to purchase a case or two? Rip or Keep? Personaly I believe with the way the bottom falls out of a product so fast and Series B not too far behind the answer is RIP.

Maybe this should have been posted under non-sports but I thought it might get more responces under baseball.

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I have an 18 box case coming and a 3 box inner case coming. I will rip the 3 box case and see what it's like. My initial plan is to store the other case.

I am also curious to hear what the verteran sellers plan to do.
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