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Default topps finest/chrome discoloration question

One of my peeves with finest and chrome is that over time, they seem to turn greenish/gray. I've got a handful of cards from 96 to maybe 02 that have done this. Its not specific to any year or sport, which leads me to believe its either how I'm storing them, or just how those brands are.

I store them in sleeves, and some in top loaders. They are all in covered boxes, out of direct sunlight. Temperatures range from the 60s to high 90s. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep buying chrome and finest, but I'd hate to only have them for 10 yrs before they become worthless.

Any thoughts would be welcomed! I've looked online and haven't found any articles to help.
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They changed something in creating the "chrome" type cards in like 2001. I remember all the older "chrome" type cards having that sticker type thing on it to keep it safe from UV rays.
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