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Default last of my benchwarmers sale

Ok, so these are the last of the non - PC benchwarmer stuff. Whatever doesnt sell in the next 24 hours is headed to feebay.
shipping is 2.50 for orders under 10, otherwise, free
Take all price is 100 dlvd (obo)

2008 Signature Series melissa taylor /125 - 3$
2007 Gold Molly Shea - 4
2008 Signature Series Jennifer Bernstein auto/prop 5/25 - 30$

.50 each
TNA Knockouts Revealed ODB /40
2007 "Something about Mary" Mary Riley #s 1 and 8
2006 Hi number H87 angie valle
2006 Series 2 Hi number gold Nikki Ziering
2004 Love Child Felicia Tang
2003 Promo card #1 Nikki Ziering
2006 Halloween: Tishara Cousino, Kathie Smith, Crystal Colar, Renee Stone, Janis Kowalsky
2006 WOrld Cup Racer Girls: Mackenzie Mack, Kerri Kasem, Alicia Benham
2006 High Numbers Boot Camp: Buffy Tyler, Shawne Costello, Amie Decker
2007 High Numbers All American Brandi MacLren
2007 High Numbers Sunset Tan: Keely Williams, The Olly Girls
2007 High Numbers Purrfect Angelz: Laurie Milan, Dani Armstrong, Lindsay Dennis
2005 Locker Room: Yvette Nelson x2, Masha Christensen x2
2004 Lenticular: CHanel Ryan, Lana Kinnear
2005 Classic Pinups: Katarina Van Derham, Christina Morris x2, Katie Lohmann, Nicole Bennett
2006 Classic Pinups: Bettie Page #5
2003 Hotties Liquid FX: Kate Lae, Rebecca Mary
2002 All American Chromium: Darcy Donavan, Michelle Nichols, Sherry Goggin, Bobbi Billard, Brooke Morales
2003 Painted Beauties: Brooke Morales, Lisa Gleave, Kasey Bytheway, Rebecca Mary, Nissa Hall
2008 Signature Series Lingerie: Jennifer Korbin, Camille Anderson x3, Claudia Jordan x3, Lisa Gleave x2, Gail Kim, Kitana Baker, Spencer Scott
2005 Holiday: Cassandra Lynn, Denyce Lawton, Julianna Prada x2, Renee Stone, Crystal Colar x2, Holly Madison
2002 Hotties chromium: Lana Kinnear, Amy Weber x2 (#12), Lisa Ligon x2, Christine Dallaire, Maryeve Dufault, Tonya Watts, Amy Weber (#2)
2006 Hi Numbers Vy Tech: Sarah Coggin x2, Shannon Roberts, Lana Kinnear, Yevette Nelson, Miki Black
2006 Hi Numbers Lingerie Bowl: Laurie Young, Rochelle Loewen, Kylah Kim, Jen Johnson, Lindsey Roeper x2, Holly Huddleston, Paige Peterson, Meriah Nelson x2
2006 World Cup Hi Numbers: Jennifer Walcott x2, Cindy Margolis x2, Buffy Tyler x2, Brande Roderick x2, Nikki Zeno x2, Shay Lyn x2, Katarina Van Derham x2, Carrie Stroup
2007 International Hi Numbers: Gahr/Hauserman, Erin Tietsort x2, Cecille Gahr, Alejandra gutierrez, Colleen Shannon, Aiko Tanaka x2, Sherry Goggin x2, Ania Migdal x2, Rachel Bernstein, Catherine Kluthe, April Scott, Jennifer England, Katarina Van Derham, Brooke Morales
2007 Gold Lisa Gleave INsert set: #s 4, 5, 6
2007 Gold Purple Foil: Holly Huddleston, Laurie Milan
2007 GOld Pink Foil: Brndi Maclaren
2007 Gold Silver Foil Select Certified: Aiko Tanaka
2007 Gold Silver FOil: Brianne BLessing, Shana Lemos, Alice Bradley, Victoria Fuller, Brooke Banx, Cora Skinner, Julianna Prada, Pilar Lastra, Maggie Cash, Jessica Kramer, Laurie Milan
2007 Gold Silver Foil High Numbers: Aubrie Lemon, Traci Bingham, Buffy Tyler
2007 Gold Select Certified: Nikki Zeno x2, Aiko Tanaka x2, Jen Sibley, Rochelle Loewen x2, Jessica Kramer
2007 Gold Hi Numbers: Jaime Hammer, Cindy Margolis, Bentley twins x2, Carol Grow, Costello Twins, Lauren Michelle Hill, Tenison Twins x2, Colleen Shannon x2, Tiffany Granath, Brande Roderick, Nikki Zeno, Jaime Bergman, Lisa Gleave, Bonnie Jill Lalin, Sandra Taylor x2. Ellen K, Kitana Baker
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