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Default 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

We have listed the product information below. Please post any BOX Breaks, YOUTUBE Videos, or comments related to this product. Our goal is to compile all of the information for this product on this THREAD so that members can come to one place to view all of the Breaks and Information.

Please click the links below to purchase this product by the Box or Case



2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

The Autograph Checklist Allen & Ginter Collectors have been waiting for!

Each Allen & Ginter Hobby Box contains a combination of any THREE of the following cards:
- Autographed Card
- Relic Card
- Cut Signature
- Rip Card
- Printing Plate or
- Book Card

One Box Loader

Insertion rates are based on estimated production levels, which may vary from the actual insertion rates to be published on product packaging.

BASE CARDS (350 subjects) - 6 per Pack!
- Baseball Veterans - 270 Pros
- Baseball Rookies - 30 Diamonds in the rough
- Historic Figures - 15 of the most memorable writers, inventors, artists, and politicians of all-time.
- World Champions - 35 of the highest achievers from across the universe.

MINI PARALLEL CARDS - Original 1 15/32" x 2 11/16" size! - 1 per Pack!
- Allen & Ginter Wood Hobby Exclusive! (350) - Each is a one of one!
- Allen & Ginter Cloth Hobby Exclusive! - 150 cards from the base set framed and printed on cloth expressly designed for Ginter! - Numbered to 10!
- Allen & Ginter Bazooka - Numbered to 25!
- Allen & Ginter No Number - The base cards are featured without a card number. Each card is limited to 50!
- Allen & Ginter Black Border - A black border adorns these parallel cards.
- Allen & Ginter Back - Replica Allen and Ginter card back designs highlight this parallel set.
- Allen & Ginter Mini - The 350 cards from the base set.

Award-winning Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball returns with the most exciting and wide-ranging autograph list in its history!
From a 4-star chef, to a 7-time Grand Slam title holder, to racing royalty, to kings of the ring, a queen of the links, and many first-time signers, this year's Allen & Ginter autographs have something for everyone and even more!
- Framed Autograph Cards - Great competitors from around the world including the world of sports appear with their signatures.
- Cut Signatures - Featuring 20 political and historical figures with an authentic autograph penned by the subject. One of One!

A collector wins a prize if he is the first to decipher the mysterious cryptogram!

- NEW! Animals in Peril - Some of the most endangered species around the world: Tasmanian Devil, African Wild Dog, Indian Rhinoceros, Hawaiian Monk Seal, are among the 30 fragile creatures depicted.
- NEW! Portraits in Penultimacy - These 10 second bananas, assistants, and also-rans finally get their place in the sun.
- NEW! World's Most Mysterious Figures - Furtive characters come out of the shadows on these 10 cards.
- NEW! Flora of the World - Check out your Green Thumb with these plantable cards featuring garden stock that will actually grow! Five available flowers can grace garden beds anywhere. 1 per Box! - Plant the card and watch it grow!
- NEW! Step Right Up! - All the stars, freaks and weird attractions of a carnival sideshow!
- NEW! Uninvited Guests - They're baaaack! Paranormal spooky tales, eerie hauntings, and supernatural events pictured on 10 cards.
- NEW! Floating Fortresses - A flotilla of maritime history, from Henry VIII's majestic Mary Rose to today's mammoth Sovereign of the Seas, highlighted on 20 cards!
- NEW! The Minds that made the future - Honoring the biggest brains in history: Archimedes, Kepler, Mendel, Volta, Lavoisier, etc.
- NEW! The Ascent of Man - A step-by-step illustration of the evolution of life on Earth. Cards can be placed side-by-side to form a timeline.
- NEW! Hometown Heroes - Featuring 100 MLB stars and their hometowns. 1 per Box!
- Baseball Highlight Sketches - Full size cards featuring reproductions of original artist sketch cards showcasing the greatest baseball highlights of the year and of all time!

The popular numbered Rip Cards are back featuring 100 subjects on the exterior card. Collectors have to decide to either keep this collectible card intact or rip it for a chance at...
- Allen & Ginter Originals - Actual Mini Portrait paintings of current diamond stars signed and numbered by artist Jeff Zachowski! 1/1!
- Allen & Ginter Red Autographs - Autographed Mini Cards that are Hand numbered to 10!
- Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives - 50 Mini Cards numbered 351-400 that can only be found in Rip Cards.
- Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives - A ONE of ONE wood parallel version of the cards featured above!

- The four printing plates from all Allen & Ginter mini parallel cards, including the rip card mini-exclusives, framed to the standard 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

- Framed Relic Cards - Subjects including baseball players, other athletes, political figures and competitors from all walks of life are shown with a relic.
- Framed DNA Relic Cards - Highlighting a political or historical figure, including: Washington, Poe, and Nixon, along with a piece of their hair! One of One!

Two autographs, two relics or an autograph and relic enhance these cards pairing baseball's biggest stars.

- Allen & Ginter N43 - 15 cards styled after the original N43 card, which was 3 1/4" and 2 7/8" in size!
- Allen & Ginter N43 Relics (10) - Hand Numbered to 25!
- Allen & Ginter N43 Autographs (10) - Hand Numbered to 15!
- Allen & Ginter N43 Autograph Relic (5) - Hand Numbered to 5!
- Cabinet Box Loader - 10 oversize cabinet cards featuring mini parallel cards showcasing 2 to 4 key subjects in an important 2010 Baseball highlight, or the founding of National Park. These subjects are featured on mini-parallel cards on a larger 5 3/4" x 8" Cabinet Card.
- Cabinet Box Loader Relic - 10 show-stopping cards featuring an over-sized COMPLETE relic of a jersey nameplate or number. Each is a ONE of ONE!
- NEW! U.S. Oversized Relic Cabinet Box Loader - Oversized relic cabinet cards die-cut into state shapes with a relic indicative on the state, which when fit together form a map of the United States. Numbered to 50!

NEW! 60th Anniversary
Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a "Happy 60th!" All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. Three players' cards will be inserted into each baseball product throughout 2011.

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what about a non-auto checklist??? base?
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Very nice lineup of non-sports autos.
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WOW!! I can't wait!
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Ohh yea!!! I can't wait!!
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I love and always look forward to Ginter
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I bought 17 boxes
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might do a case thise year ... always love these cards
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Beautiful cards, as usual of A&G. How are we going to display those Book Cards, though?
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Can't believe there's no Stras auto. Is this finally the end of the Topps sponsored Stras overkill? Was Taurasi drunk or roided up when she signed? I sure hope so!
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Nice non-baseball autograph line up. . . I'll be chasing some of those for sure. . .
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I like every single one of those non-baseball insert sets!

I'll definately pick up at least a few boxes and if it's in my budget maybe even a case of this product!
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That state boxloader looks like a fun set
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With 2011 Allen & Ginter set to release next week, collectors are anticipating one of the most intriguing non-baseball autograph checklists the hobby has ever seen. From the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever Manny Pacquiao and World Cup star Hope Solo to Annika Sorenstam, Cheryl Burke and John McEnroe, this year’s Allen & Ginter packs a powerful punch.

Following is a list of this year’s non-baseball autographs in Allen & Ginter.

Aimee Mullins
Paralympic Champion / World Record Holder

Ana Julaton
Women's Boxing Champion

Annika Sorenstam
Women's Golf Champion

Cheryl Burke
2-Time Champion, Dancing with the Stars

Chrissie Wellington
Champion Triathlete and Iron Man World Record Holder

Chuck Woolery
Game Show Host

Daniel Boulud
Award-Winning French Chef

Diana Taurasi
Champion Women's Basketball Guard/Forward

Dick Vitale
Basketball Broadcaster

Evan Lysacek
Winter Games Men's Figure Skating Gold Medalist

Geno Auriemma
Champion Women's College Basketball Coach

Guy Fieri
Food Network TV Star & Host of Minute to Win It

Heather Mitts
Champion Women's Soccer Defender

Hope Solo
Champion Women's Soccer Goalkeeper

Jim Nantz
Sports Broadcaster

Jo Frost
Host of Supernanny

John McEnroe
Men's Tennis Champion

Kristi Yamaguchi
Winter Games Figure Skating Gold Medalist

Kyle Petty

Lou Holtz
Champion College Football Coach & Broadcaster

Manny Pacquiao
World Champion Boxer

Marc Forgione
Restauranteur & Winner of The Next Iron Chef

Micky Ward
Champion Boxer & Subject of The Fighter

Nancy Lopez
Women's Golf Champion

Peter Gammons
Award-Winning Baseball Writer & Broadcaster

Picabo Street
Winter Games Alpine Skiing Gold Medalist

Rudy Ruettiger
College Football Player & Inspirational Speaker

Sanya Richards
Summer Games Track & Field Gold Medalist

Stan Lee
Founder of Marvel Comics

Sue Bird
Champion Women's Basketball Guard

Tim Howard
Champion Men's Soccer Goalkeeper

Timothy Shieff
Freerunning & Parkour Champion

Eric Jackson
Freestyle Kayaking Champion

Jake LaMotta
Champion Boxer & Subject of Raging Bull

Wee Man
World's Smallest Stunt Man

Mat Hoffman
Champion of BMX Biking and Extreme Sports

Matt Guy
2011 ACO World Championships "King of Cornhole" Tournament Winner

Dirk Hayhurst
Author of The Bullpen Gospels

Al Gore & Keith Olbermann

Ron Turcotte
Champion Race Horse Jockey

Larry Holmes
Champion Boxer

Rafer Johnson
Champion Decathlete

Shawn Michaels
Professional Wrestler

Angelo Dundee
Boxing Trainer and Cornerman

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That is a pretty amazing auto list.
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Anyone know the groupings of the autos? Which are the hardest to pull?
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Originally Posted by Swill View Post
Anyone know the groupings of the autos? Which are the hardest to pull?
Average regular auto falls 1in 3 boxes. If u pull an auto consider that you got lucky.
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I got the Marc Forgione Auto in one of my 2 boxes. I wish they would have kept the Flora of the World insert set at 1 per box as I have a garden and wanted to plant a couple of those cards. They changed it to 1 in every 144 packs!

Maybe I'll get a few more boxes, pretty cool product!
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I was somewhat disappointed with the Ginter boxes I received. Of the six hits, I had six relics. The only two that were even worthwhile were the Micky Ward Relic, and the Starlin Castro bat card. The set, overall, looks great, however if you are a modest breaker like me, and can only afford two or three boxes, than you are better off going with another product. If you can afford a case or more, than I would imagine this would be a great set to collect. If anyone wants to see the checklist, I have one filled in for the cards I have, as well as one blank one.
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Here are my hits from the two boxes of Allen and Ginter. There are six relics, along with a photo of each of the inserts. I also had two minis that were worthwhile. The Flora of the World, as well as the no number Kendry Morales mini. If anyone wants any other images scanned, just let me know and I will see what I can do
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