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Talking AWSOME angels Fan Fest! pics and 1 baseball FT....

some what long story...or scroll at the pics and skip the story.... got there @ 715am opens @ 8am.... there was 4 auto booths...random people dont know who was where. 2 in the front 2 in the back. so the gates open i was w/ about 5 people and we all took a booth and called each other when the people got there. they only signed for 45 min! ugh! anywho first batch was ALL rookies! i was like shoot. i didnt wanna waste a baseball on rookies. i can get them through out the year @ games. so i saw jim abbott on a cart and jumped out my line to go in the line he was in w/ a rookie. waaaaaaaaay in the back i heard he signed for 10 people and was gone??? i was WTH? i really wanted him and was in the hunt mode. so i found out there was a "season ticket" line w/ alumni people....BUT u had to have season tix....well abbott was there they put him in the wrong booth and moved to the season tix line. so i jumpoed out of line and walked to the line. there was 4 people! was a photo only place. but people were getting autos. (season tix holders were getting autos) so the security checking the tix walked away to ask something i pounced and acted dumb and got in so i waited got my picture and asked for a ball auto sweeet spot....with a little inscription on it (No inscriptions was posted on the "rules" board) whatever dosent hurt to ask... and he said sure! great ball!

jim abbott w/ no no inscript

next had to find a line to get in seeing they were about to take the people out. again didnt know who so waited....and brandon wood and another rookie. i needed wood (you know how great of a signer he is IP he is a prick) but got a beauty sweet spot.
brandon wood ss

so found my friends and asked who was in there line and some scrub named kuhn by himself....they were about to get out but i said lets wait the other lines had scrubs too. there should be 1 more about 70 people infront of us and word got back that a person showed name plaque by him....who was he people asking....i knew when i wondered up there....MIKE TROUT! daaaaang i told my friends (they had bats) to get him on there bats by himself. they did and they looked great! i got up there handed a ball asked for a sweet spot and got a great sig....had another ball in my pocket ready and asked for a 2nd and he said sure! sweet! SO YES ONE MIKE TROUT IS FT for other auto baseballs or photos ,no TTM stuff.
mike trout x2 ss

well super stoked about that we had time we decided to jump in another line moving well...or we thought....howie kendrick and micer izturis well got to be 15 people infront of me before them and time ran out!! UGH! wanted both! so i said screw it im staying for the next people (2 hour breeak in between mind you) again dont know who but this was the last one of the 2 hrs later we got 3 people! hey i was like who who?? and not the greatest but not the worst kazmir, rodney and got those 3 SS
Fernando Rodney

Jason Bulger

Scott Kazmir

the line for bobby abrue santana was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng and weaver and the mets guy we got was nuts! so i left....all in all great day of autos. abbott was my highlight! thanks for the long read....

~graph hard~
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what are you looking for in trade for the trouts? I would for sure be interested
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Old 03-28-2011, 04:33 PM   #3
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SO YES ONE MIKE TROUT IS FT for other auto baseballs or photos ,no TTM stuff.
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Dang!!! I have been trying to get a Jim Abbott FOREVER!! Great Job!!!
I Love My Family, The NY Jets & Autographs...Lots & Lots of Autographs!!!
TTM Autographs make getting the mail FUN!
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