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TTM Auto Through the Mail Autographs Discussion

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Talking part 2..... ;) tony gwynn

first off...if you dont have a gwynn auto and a chance to get him IP i sugest it....he dosent look so good. walks like a 80 yr old man. the surgery took a toll on him. got at blair @ 330 snuck in so no cover. was me my friend chris and my boy 2yr old. anywho bus showed up @430 guys practiced and gwynn was doing interviews...ugh well there was 3 other guys to get gwynn in the stands. we were next to the dug out on the field. gwynn walked to them and got there 6 pics and a ball auto. he was heading to the dug out and i pounced w/ the 2 yr old in hand, asked if my son could get a pic in the dug out w/ him (the other guys were getting the picture taken from seats to field and was a awkward pose. ) he said sure and we walkewd down 2 yr old squirmmy son in tow. gave mr gwynn a ball and he started to sign it and we sat down and got our pic taken i was laughing the kid was squirmming and gwynn posed great. anywho got a ball for my boy, 3 1988 topps cards for greatdadx2 set (your welcome will get in the mail soon, had for over a year now ) and a 83 fleer rc for morts set (will get in the mail, got the card monday ! GO USPS!! ) anywho great autos from a great player! my friend got a ball auto too and a pic from the dug out. after we left the security asked us to lock the gate. the other guys were watching us and drooling great time! if he is in your neck of the woods i suggest going early!
heres the goodies

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He is really a great guy. Never signed all the time when he was a player, but beautiful auto and really took his time signing.
I ended up getting 2 balls(not on sweet spot, but I don't care), 2-3 cards and an 8x10 signed by him. Class act guy, like Ripken. Sign every now and then and show respect to the fans, gotta love it.
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