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Default large marvel card collection fs

Im selling my collection of marvel cards there are 31 sets total i have a list of them below and a photobucket link for pics because its alot of pics. Im asking $1300 shipped(will be shipped in 9 pocket pages and binders) certified funds only and I want to sell it all as a whole. I know im new, so if you would like to look at my ebay feedback my ebay name is matthewb1362. Ive never sold anything but have bought plenty. Here is the list.

90 marvel universe series 1 (base set, holos)

91 marvel universe series 2 (base set, holos)

92 marvel universe series 3 (base set, holos)

93 marvel universe series 4 (base set, foil stamped set, and 3d spiderman
vs. venom card)

94 marvel universe series 5 (base set, suspended animation set, 3d holo
set, powerblast set)

92 marvel masterpeices (base set, foil set)

93 marvel masterpeices (base set, spectra set)

94 marvel masterpeices (base set, silver holofoil set, power blast set)

95 marvel masterpieces (base set missing checklist , venom holoflash,
6 canvas cards)

96 marvel masterpieces (base set missing 7 cards, 4 gold gallery,
1 double impact card)

07 marvel masterpieces (base set, subcasts set, spiderman set, xmen set, splash page set)

08 marvel masterpieces (base set, wom set, avengers set, diecut set)

09 marvel masterpeices (base set, marvel knights set , 3 xmen secert
identities cards)

90 ghostrider (base set)

92 ghostrider (base set, glow in the dark set)

92 silver surfer (base set)

92 punisher (base set)

94 marvel flair (base set, powerblast set)

95 marvel flair annual (base set, powerblast set, chromium set,
7 holoblast cards)

95 marvel metal (base set missing 25 cards, blaster set)

96 marvel onslaught (base set missing 2 cards, 2 mirage cards)

96 marvel motion (base set missing 7 cards)

97 marvel qfx (base set missing 1 card, 2 laser blast,
4 photographix cards)

98 marvel creators collection (base set, 1 editors choice, 18
sketchboard cards)

98 marvel silver age ( base set)

92 spiderman 1(mcfarlane era) (base set, 2 prism cards)

92 spiderman 2 (30th ann.) (base set, 2 prism cards)

94 fleer spiderman (base set, holo set)

95 fleer ultra spiderman (base set, golden web set, masterpiece
set, 5 clear chrome cards, 4 holoblast

96 spiderman premium (base set, canvas set, 1 holomotion card)

97 fleer ultra spiderman (base set)

marvel cards pictures by plaincoprice - Photobucket
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make offers
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800 shipped
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