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Default Weekly Update (12/12/2008)

Here is what's NEW in the Card Market this week:

We actually have a few notable releases this week that have a decent shot at moving up in value. Let's start with 2008 Donruss Americana Sports Legends. This is a product that is a crossover of the previous Americana products with a bit of Sportkings mixed in, but at a price point and content of a Elite Extra Edition or a Donruss Threads. Playoff basically took the design and the pricepoint of their best selling products and then combined in the checklist of their Americana products. For a $70 factory cost box, this product delivers the potential to pull big Autos and big money cards that are not available in other mainstream products. The key in this market to to come out with a different concept or product. Collectors have seen the same releases over and over again. This is why Sport Legends will succeed. We are hearing also that this product was only made to order which basically means there is no more available except for what distributors ordered. We at SCN feel that 2008 Americana Sports Legends could take an early run as collectors begin to break it this week. The key is the checklist and the Auto Checklist is loaded. Reminds you of the UD Legends products or Greats of the Game products in the past where every Autos is numbered differently and many are short printed to numbers that will probably be announced some time in the next few weeks.

The next big product is 2008 Razor Signature Edition Baseball. The track record is perfect. They have yet to come out with a bad product. The company is also sold out and we are hearing that distributors have been calling Razor for more and the upcoming Encore product. Razor is sold out of both items. The Signature Baseball is interesting because Razor has a lock on 15 of the top Prospects that they say are shut out from Bowman Draft and Elite Extra. It will all depend on how the collectors view the future collectability of the Razor brand. We feel that with 10 Autos in a $80 box, this product has some major bang for the buck and will go higher next week.

As for the rest of the market:

Just announced that 2008/09 Topps T-51 MURAD Basketball will be numbered to 599 (12 box cases). The 2008/09 Topps Hardwood Basketball is 684 (10 box Cases). The manufacturers are just printing what's ordered now so many of these future products early next year could take a very quick spike higher upon release.

We have also verified the UD has canceled their MMA fighting product. However, Topps has announced their 2009 Topps Ultimate Fighting Championship Trading Cards - ROUND ONE which on paper looks 10 times better than the MMA (which may be why UD canceled). The Topps UFC will be a huge hit amongst sports fans. UFC has overtaken boxing for Pay Per View. The top fighters are iconic and gaining in popularity and the market is truly untested as to how much a top UFC Auto card will sell for. 3 Autos and 3 Relics per box will make this product a breaker's dream and there will be serious money made for the niche market breaker who is selling to a ever increasing market. UFC will be around for years to come and this 1st issue could be a very hot commodity years from now. We see very little downside and only upside on this product because it is different than anything in the market today.

Hot products in the market:

Did anyone notice that the 2008 Leaf Limited Football Rookie Auto Patches were #'d out of 99? This seemed to have gone under the radar but is now front and center. Even Beckett has caught on with this product dominating the Hot List. We at SCN are indifferent to the "Hot List". What IS interesting is the wholesale market on 2008 Leaf Limited Football. Playoff has sold out of this product after distributors tried to buy up what was left. There will be very few if any product in 2008 Football with the best Rookie cards #'d to 99. Only a product like Exquisite or National Treasures could pull this off since the print run would have to be very short. Although Playoff has not verified the print run on Leaf Limited (most companies never tell), we get the feeling that it is comparable to those higher end products. This is one to watch as demand has jumped almost overnight.

Lots of chatter also and demand for 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts Baseball. Looks like this one will be very short from the start. Early word is that Playoff is loading it up to compete against Topps Sterling. We are also seeing a lot of buzz on 2008 Topps Mayo Football. Also this week, we have seen a pop in both 2007 and 2008 UD Legendary Cuts Baseball. Both seem to have dried up in the market. We are also seeing 2006 and 2007 Playoff National Treasures Football moving higher. 2008 Baseball and Football factory sets are also making a seasonal move higher. 2008 Bowman Sterling Football is becoming harder to find and 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball is doing well. We have updated the web site at Market Reports, Card Values, and the Hottest Auctions Online today. with a ton of new Product and Manufacturer updates this week. That's it for this week. Check out our reviews this week and please email us if you have any suggestions.

This week at SCN, we have reviewed the following products. Many of these products have just come live TODAY! Our goal is to give you the most up to date web site for market conditions and information in the HOBBY!

2008 RAZOR Signature Edition Baseball
Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG: Crossroads of Chaos Special Edition
2008 Press Pass Legends Bowl Edition Football
2009 Press Pass NASCAR Racing
2008 Donruss Americana Sports Legends

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

2008 RAZOR Entertainment Cut Sig Edition Encore
2008 Upper Deck Documentary Baseball
2008/09 Topps Chrome Basketball
2008 Rittenhouse Archives WNBA Expansion Set
Marvel Masterpieces Series 3
2008/09 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey

SCN is your Source for Immediate Sports card Information. When a player gets HOT or when a Product JUMPS in value, SCN will showcase all the Auctions so that YOU the collector will have all the information available within seconds.

Stay tuned for more announcements !

-The Staff at SCN

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