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Default Star Trek Complete TNG Series 1 roundup, Series 2 info

Wixiban has updated series 1 including scans of all the base cards:
Wixiban | Star Trek Trading Card Guide | Complete TNG Series 1

Here are Series 1 autos that have been moved to Series 2. I don't know if this means series 2 is going to be smaller on 'series 2' autographs.

Chad Allen as Jono in "Suddenly Human"

Earl Boen as Voice of Nagilum in "Where Silence Has Lease" (the face in the blue cloud that kills them to learn what death is)

Jane Daly as Varria in "The Most Toys" (Kivas Fajo's phaser victim)

Gabriel Damon as Jeremy Aster in "The Bonding" (the little boy who loses his mother, who then comes back as an alien)

Gene Dynarski as Commander Orfil Quintero in "11001001" (The Federation officer in charge of the Binars)

Castullo Guerra as Seth Mendoza in "The Price" (The Federation representative during bidding on the wormhole)

Jill Jacobson as Vanessa in "The Royale" (The girl that helps Data, Riker, and Worf in the fake casino)

Stephen Lee as Chorgan in "The Vengeance Factor" (gang member on the Yuta/clan genocide episode)

Vyto Ruginis as Chief Engineer Logan in "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Argues with Geordie over command decisions)

Brenda Strong as Rashella in "When the Bough Breaks" (member of the race that kidnaps all the federation kids because they are unable to have children of their own)

Mark Taylor as Haritath in "The Ensigns of Command" (dunno)

Brian Thompson as Klag in "A Matter of Honor" (the Klingon that Riker befriends when on the bird of prey)

Barbara Alyn Woods as Kareen Brianon in "The Schizoid Man" (the assistant of the old man who has taken over Data's body)

They also have a placeholder for Series 2 and Quotable Voyager:
Wixiban | Star Trek Trading Card Guide

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And, news about the error in series 1:

Base card #63 "The Offspring" has an error; it has a picture of Tasha Yar from "Yesterday's Enterprise" on the front. RA states they will "work on making a corrected version" probably for series 2.

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