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Default Its Time For Upper Deck To Know What We Think.


Do you like opening a pack of an Upper Deck product to see a damaged card inside? We Don't. What if it was a 1/1 cut auto that had damaged corners? How can that be replaced? It cant be.

This thread is a "Petition" that will be sent to Upper Deck to let them know how we feel when we pull a damaged card and how they can fix that issue.

1. No negativity twards Upper Deck.
ex. "Upper Deck is so stupid and dumb and lets burn their factory down."
2. To be a part of this "petition" just post a reply saying the following things.
a. Full Name
b. State/Providence/Country (Optional)
3. This can be for any sport/ product that Upper Deck Makes, not just one sport.

A list will be made on this thread and i will try and update it as quickly as i can. I will not be buying any Upper Deck Products anymore until this is fixed. I recommend that you do the same. You may also say something and i will put it under your name in quotation marks. What i mean by that is you can tell what kind of damage happend to your card or that you will not be purchasing upper deck products.

Tell Upper Deck What We Think Petition : [ powered by ]

One thread is enough - MoD
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