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Thumbs up 2010 Football: SP Authentic / Topps Chrome Dual Case Break

I'd be interested in these products if anyone willing to host.

2010 SP Authentic case: $1274
2010 Topps Chrome case: $680
Total both cases: $1954

Shipping, PP fees, supplies: $5/slot

Rough guidelines of either Hit break or Team break:

Random Team break 32 slots: $61/slot
Could do separate random for each box. That way each person gets chance at 2 different teams.

Hit Break 84 slots: $23.26/slot
Randomized list to determine draft order. Any extra hits can be drafted. Once all slots have drafted, any leftover hits or base/parallel slots can be randomed.

Topps Chrome: 1 auto per box. 1 Insert/Parallel lot per box. 1 base slot per box. 3 total slots per box. 36 slots per case.
SP Authentic: 3 autos per box. 1 base/parallel lot per box. 4 total slots per box. 48 slots per case.

Total price per slot:
Team break: $66 per slot
Hit break: $29 per slot
Collecting: Ryan Tannehill

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If there's a host willing - just resubmit thread with info and I'll close this one
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