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Default Super Bowl Ring

A friend of mine is a Josten's representative (they sell/design most of the Super Bowl rings) and he sold me whats called a "Salesmen's Sample" Superbowl ring from the 1970 Colts victory. It has the General Managers name on the side (Klosterman) along with the score. Inside its says Josten's 10k along with another number (B3672). I have had this for 10 years or so and I was kinda doing him a favor when I bought it (I am pretty sure he was performing a quick liquidation of his stuff prior to a divorce).

Anyways I am not much into this sort of stuff but I am checking with the wise members of this board to see if anyone knows some sort of value. I need to move this.

Thanks in advance

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Default 914-769-1304

You could call my buddies at B&E Collectibles, Thornwood, NY. Joe, the owner, is very knowledgeable about Super Bowl rings. If he's not in, ask for Drew and tell him Vinny sent you.

They've handled a diverse array of sports memorabilia like Babe Ruth jerseys, Honus Wagner T-206s (yes plural), and thousands of pieces of equipment in all sports. They've dealt with high end memorabilia since the late 70s.

Salesman samples are tricky but they should have a good opinion to help you along.

Best Always,
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If you need to move it I would probably contact Mastro Auctions in Oakbrook IL. They have tons of high end buyers for stuff like that and put out a very large catalog for all of their auctions. The guy that I have dealt with there is named Brian Marren - if you call he can give you an idea of what it is worth over the phone and also whether they would be interested in auctioning it off for you.

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