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Default Not sport or non-sport,but people had asked about Hitler

I had linked and sold my Flag series cards depicting the US and Germany

The German flag was the Reichmark flag which a lot of people were really interested in. History amazes many people and a lot of people are so detached from what happened 60-70 years ago that it is perfectly natural to be curious based on what they have heard people speak of.

This piece of memorabilia depicts the beginning of the fall of Hitler and the 3rd Reich.

A brief history lesson

Hitler was winning,for the most part, on all fronts due to superior armaments and a drive to win no matter the costs. Back that with a slave labor force nearing 10 million,the ability to roll over everyone existed.
Hitler had spoken of Germans,Aryans, needing to expand into other rich and fertile lands. He had spoken, in the past, of a preordained battle between Germanic and Slavic people.

Operation Barbarossa was the LARGEST battle in Human history. It's main focal points were Leningrad and Stalingrad.
The primary problem was 4.5 million German troops were not used to sub-zero temperatures. German and Evil Axis militarizes were not used to moving supplies through areas where the temp go so low at times, gas would turn to syrup.

Between the inability to keep intact supply lines,tens of thousands starving and the brutal method in which Soviets keep throwing men at the Nazis ended up crippling and forcing the Reich into retreat.
Hitlers,arguably,1st major loss was the initial foot stone for the demise of the Reich. Harried by Soviet troops and increased aggressive attacks from Allied forces ended up routing Hitlers forces over the next 2 1/2 years,culminating in defeat of the Reich

The following magazine is an American Periodical that depicts the reason, in a satirical manner, of why Hitler failed in Russia.
The image shows Hitler freezing and his troops,around the fire,starving while Russians prance about,comfortable and undaunted by the weather.

This is magnificent magazine and framed, would be a true historical piece on anyone's wall.

I have this beautiful copy below for 45.00 dlvd
I have a copy that has the upper left corner showing wear for 30.00 dlvd

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