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Old 12-04-2011, 10:36 PM   #1
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Western NY
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Default Deals, breaks, grades, show pick ups (steals), and of course Whales

First a few pick ups via trades and boards as most of this section will be Whales after the first section
From Tony (OneGoal2010) he sold to me a few Whalers

and 2 sets (10-11 Crown Royale Lords of the NHL Memorabilia and 10-11 Crown Royale Lancers Patches)


Thank you Tony for the sets and Whalers

From Steve (Quincy)

Thank you Steve for these two gems

A trade with Bruce (Irbe4fan)

Thank you Bruce for the Whalers cards
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Western NY
Posts: 7

I pick up a 24/X cup card, which I traded to Greg (habsheaven/greg2424) for

Thank you Greg

and one other card I got from Greg which was traded to Kevin (kmitchel/kevmitchel) and I received

Thank you Kevin for the cards, I will keep an eye out for your other cards

From Mike (capsfever517)

Thank you Mike for the Whalers lot

A gift from Steve (TMacfreak91) he gave me this during the two day show

Thank you Steve

A gift from Steve (Tater Tot/tmlfan42)

Thank you again Steve

A gift/trade with Kassu (benthic)

Thank you Kassu

From Frankie5's

Thank you Frank for the cards

Pick ups via other method
From Kev (FrozenInferno/Inferno) a nice Keon

Thank you Kev

From Ron (VintageHky)

Thank you Ron

From Lily (asiangrl4u2)

Thanks Lily

A card I don't remember why I picked it up but here it is

Roy Liut dual auto which is been thru JSA

Ronnie Franchise
E topps
Box Buttons
What is better then a E topps and box button Ronnie Franchise and a Box Button, Cup gold jersey number

I might have paid more then I normally would but it is a Jersey number


Bobby Hull






Keon (have another one coming in)

Brass Bonanza
K Train

A photo I got picked up, that is in Michigan right now

Looking forward to getting this back after its trip to Michigan

Few odd ball Whaler pick ups

A Mix of a few other Players I collect

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Old 12-04-2011, 10:38 PM   #3
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Western NY
Posts: 7

I have to give Wes (PenaltyMan/Wesley5757) a big thank you for providing me with some deal leads

and also Number 4
thanks again Wes!


A break with Chad (TheTruth17)

Lidstrom Cyan Plate

1 more box of ITG UM 8
Pack 1

Pack 2 (Leaf pack)

Pack 3

Pack 4

Pack 5
at the beg of my break DizzyD and PenaltyMan said to pull a 1/1 well, last card is a 1/1

Andrew (WilsonValdez) ask me if I wanted to send in some cards as a group for grading, after not being able to find the cards I wanted to get graded, I just grabbed 2 newer YGs and here are the results
Thank you Andrew for letting me joined on the grading

the Monthly show
A nice K train

always buy something from this one dealer, so I picked this one and also found this gem

From another dealer read onto the 2 day had to clear him out of and

From Al of Center Ice in Buffalo

Pick this up from a guy who I normally get a few cards from (Leon) I also got other cards from him on the 2 day show

Did 2 packs of UD1, and pulled these

Vermette, Kronwall, Booth, Spacek, Suter, Foligno, Stewart

Stafford, Price, Gonchar, Steen, Roloson, Luongo, Knuble

Vintage pick up

Now there is one dealer, who I buy when he is at the show,

But those was not the first cards I got from him at the show, as I walk in he had me a lot of Whaler cards for me at this show, for a nice price.

what is better then a pretty sweet checklist, Howe about these

I had a 2 day show, with a free autograph each day.
They autograph guests was mostly old Bills (Bruce Smith was the biggest name I know), and Doc Gordon (former Mets pitcher, the day of his signing was the day news about his post WS events) here are the freebies as part of admission
Day one
Day two
First Day I picked up


One dealer had a box of 80-81 topps unscratch for under .25 each or 5 for a dollar, needless to say I found a few gems in there (he took out everything above $6BV) so first day I picked up dollars worth

Day 2 I stop by his booth again and picked up more from the same dealer, while waiting for the free auto

More cards from Leon (he had a special on YG)
Day 1
Day 2

Also on Day one I went to one dealer

A nice rookies for cheap

Day 2
I saw this and grabbed it for my Whalers odd ball items

He also throw in this card for me

Found a Paul Czech RC (which I wanted back in the day)

The same dealer also had how can I say no to Lanny at a very nice price

I picked this card up from 1 dealer who had very little hockey

Thank you for reading this far down.
Now for the Steal there was 1 dealer, who had a bunch of new Cup cards and ITG UM 8 cards. His prices was a bit high for cup in my mind but he had some ITG UM which was better priced. I talk to him on Day one about a few cup cards but I pass on them.
Well on day 2 right off the back I picked up from him
Right before I left, I noticed this card and saw his price... which is reasonable, well I went to give him the money and he sold to me for a better price then his list. Needless to say I was very happy with the price

I wish you a happy holidays for the season. As this will be most likely my last show and tell of 2011.
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