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Default Monday Morning Market Report:

Here's what we're seeing in the market:

Basketball is about a month away but dealers are starting to jump on some of the products that are undervalued. 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10 products have already moved up in the past few years. Next to jump will be 2010/11 which is where the focus is. Products that are trending higher are: 2010/11 National Treaures, Gold Standard, Elite Black and totally certified. Keep an eye on these.

Cam had another great game. 2011 FB has leveled off at these levels but will push higher over time. Collectors will look back a year from now and wish they had put away some of these products even at these levels. My favorite play is 2011 Topps Chrome FB. If you look at the singles market, nothing competes with this product as far as the $500-$1000+ singles. There's actually something going on with the whole Topps Chrome FB market. It seems the upside potential in the past was capped at around $75 a Box on Topps Chrome until the recent run on 2005 (A.Rodgers) took it up to $125-$150+. This is now driving Topps chrome FB in all years.

2005 FB continues to run...products like Bowman Chrome which started the year at $35-$40 are now reaching $75-$80. Most of the products have doubled in pricing already.

Looks like 2010 FB is starting to heat up. It's all Tebow at this point. Collectors are slowly stepping up but not jumping on full tilt. Keep an eye on 2010 FB over the next few weeks. The High end is starting to sell before the low end which is usually the case when a particular year gets hot.

More to come...
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