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Default Question on eBay item to Canada


Quick question for the international card sellers. I sold two cards of very high value (1800 total) to a buyer in Canada through ebay. I plan to send Express International with full insurance and signature confirmation.

My question is, the buyer has asked me to mark the item as gift I guess to dodge duty taxes.

My questions are this.

1) If I do that do I put myself at risk from a Paypal perspective?
2) If I insure the package for full value can I also mark as gift? If not then I'm not marking gift.

I know absolutely nothing about the does and don't of Canada shipping. I do know that I need to send Express International to get Paypal protection but other than that I don't know anything else.

Any tips?
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Marking it as a gift I dont think gives you any issues. I'm not overly sure it avoids any taxes either.

Insurance purposes I cant see why marking it say goods verses a gift makes any difference. Your insuring the contents of the package.
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I'm not sure what gift does exactly, but it sounds like the buyer is asking you to declare a customs value of $0?

I'm under the impression that eBay's ShipCover insurance will NOT cover your package if you claim any customs value different than the sales value. When using ShipCover, that also means you are using eBay shipping to process the package, and thus eBay/ShipCover would have full details of exactly what you put down on the customs form. (since all of this is done online through eBay shipping)

If you use USPS insurance, I'm pretty sure you can get away with it. But I'm not certain of that. I'd ask a reasonable minded teller and see what they say.

I always use ShipCover insurance and I never change the customs value of an item I ship overseas that is insured. The buyer is responsible for paying customs duties, period. They are asking you to break the law (I think, although I'm not sure what law?) by knowingly stating false information on a customs form.

Good luck!
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While on the subject of shipping, I only ship to Canada and the USA currently have a bid form Slovakia if it is awarded and I agree to ship what is the typical cost for USPS International 1st Class to Slovakia? Thanks in advance for any info./ tips.
As far as shipping as gift and also insuring, I would be cautious especially since the value is $1,800 if the Buyer is trying to beat and additional cost's associated with the package I would think the amount would send up Red Flags!

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