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Default Monday Morning Market Report:

Is 2006 FB back? Looks like the focus is starting to trend over to the 2006 products. It's all about Reggie Bush who is coming off his best game of the year but 2006 has been left for dead til now. Let's take a look at what's happened so far this year: 2005 products have doubled. 2007 & 2008 are flat, 2009 has moved higher. 2010 is starting to surge in the past few weeks based on Tebow. 2011 FB has been phenomenal. Keep an eye on 2006 products over the next few weeks. Collectors don't really seem to care about M.J Drew but they believe in Bush. Maybe because he's in Miami or maybe because he was so highly touted in 2006 that collectors believe in his potential.

2011 FB continues to roll but its the older releases that are getting the attention. Topps Chrome, Prime, Finest, Inceptions,Platinum are the clear standouts. Panini products are lagging overall but a few are standing out...Certified & Gold Standard. It seems like the better Panini products are on the way and we may see a few of them break out next year.

Here are the products that are moving:
2011 Topps triple Threads baseball Remains very strong. Boxes are trading at the highest level for a Triple Threads product in any year.

2010 Donruss Rated Rookie FB sets are cheap and have been for a while and still are but this product is undervalued. The unnumbered short prints out of 25 may one day become the most desirable Rookie card in 2010.

2010/11 High End products are surging. National Treasures, Gold Standard and Elite Black Box leading the way. If J.Wall breaks out this for a similar B.Griffin type run on 10/11 products.

The Topps Chrome Craze in FB is on. Every Topps Chrome FB release from 2005-present is trending higher. It's like a switch went off in everyones mind that Topps Chrome FB has the potential to move to the next level. It has always been percieved as a mid range product but current ebay values on single cards prices are comparable to the High end products.

Seems to be alot of demand still for 2011 Bowman Chrome , Bowman Draft & Topps Chrome. Each products came live, took a dip and then moved back up. These should continue to do well as we get into the Prospecting Months of Feb-April.

Also trending up: 2010 NT FB, 2010 Topps Five star FB, 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen BB.

We continue to have our 12 Days of X-MAS and 400+ other specials on sale til Tuesday Midnight !

More to come...
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Are Monday Market reports a thing of the past now?
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Market reports are good reads, when should we expect the next one?
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