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Default Shipping to the Philippines

I have a buyer on Ebay that wants a few cards. I am not sure how to go about shipping to the Philippines. I checked the office UPS account and am coming up with a cost of around $85....can that be right?

Any suggestions?

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If they're high end cards, USPS EMI is the only way to go. It's around $30. This fully protects you on eBay/Paypal if the buyer claims the item never showed.

Direct link to Phillipines calculator:

If the cards are cheaper, then I'd just go USPS First Class.
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The eBay ship cover works pretty nicely too. One member has first hand experience with it in this thread. He sold a high end card that didn't end up at it's destination in Germany and he got his money back.
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My suggestion, don't do it. not worth the hassle.
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How big of a lot? A 400 count box will fit inside a Flat Rate Envelope, which will ship to the Philippines for $13.95. Three 550 count boxes will fit inside a Flat Rate Box and ship for about $50. There's also a legal size flat rate envelope, but I don't know what it holds. There is a 4 pound weight limit on flat rate envelopes and a 20 pound weight limit on flat rate boxes sent internationally.

I did once send a batch of cards to the Philippines and had to issue a refund when the buyer claimed non-delivery. I don't know if that is typical of that country or not.
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As someone who has lived in the Philippines off and on for over four years heed my advice. Do not ship there, unless you are using a courier service such as DHL. Normal post will be stolen if they see it comes from overseas. If your cards are worth over $10 the buyer won't see them. Mail theft is a big issue over there and the customs guys are no better.
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