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Default Over loaded !Tobacco Cards !

Got close to 11,000 now and need to trim a bit off.

Lot prices
This includes cards from 1909 to 1936 (Found some sepia toned photo cards in 1 lot from 1938, not many so not a thing for me to worry about or cause confusion over)
English releases
Set prices on these cards vary from 25.00 cat value to 180.00 cat value.
Nothing is in set form,everything is richly mixed up to add the the flavor and fun
100 cards 32.00 dlvd
200 cards 60.00 dlvd
400 cards 125.00 dlvd
1000 cards 250.00 dlvd

I also offer American issue cards, 1885-1890
Allen & Ginter
Kinney Bros
Duke and Sons
These are sold in a simple format as well
10 cards 60.00 dlvd
20 cards 100.00 dlvd
the above would be Birds of America,Tropics,Flags of the World,etc
20 premium cards (10.00-30.00 value ea) 225.00
the above would be the Higher end cards, harlequins,Worlds smokers,etc

Have a lot of 8 Hard a port cut plug playing cards for 65.00 dlvd. Not a massive discount,they are 10.00 a pop on the bay,but its free ship

I also have a pure fun lot of cards, limited collection value, trimmed or skinned backs for 1.00 per card. I only have around 18 of these left. most are Allen & Ginter Flags of Nations and Flags of cities.

I also have, pending a quick check tomorrow, a lot of 100 1912 Helmar Collegiate cards
Lots of 20 for 100.00
Random Colleges, no cherry picking.

1909 Hassan Indian Life in the 1860's 3.00 per card, almost out of these as well. Have 8 left in Good condition

1909 Hassan Cowboys 3.00 per card. The MAJORITY of these,and there are about 70 left, are VF/NM. I debated on going the graded route but that's a slope I fear once on,never returning from
Most of the Cowboy cards will grade 5-6. Some 7 and a slim few 8's
I just do not see the point of paying 3-4.00 for a card, grading it, having 15.00 in a 20.00-25.00 card. Too much effort for me

Any other requests, let me know
I Collect Marbles,Amazing Spider-man comics and tears! Mr. Sensitivity at your service
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Old 01-05-2012, 07:44 PM   #2
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Location: North Georgia
Posts: 8,006

1200 gone
More to move
Let me know
As anyone will tell you,buying 100,200,400,1000 is not an exact count :P It's usually 10-15% more. I would rather send extras than send just 1 short
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