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Default Friday Market Update

Quick Market Update:

2012 Leaf Best of Basketball sold out at Leaf in less than a few hour after Order forms were sent out. No word yet on production run or allocations yet but this one looks pretty solid from the start when compared to how well the Best of BB and Leaf Rookie Retro have done . It remains to be seen how often the big pulls will hit but the sell sheet seems to cover everything from 2003/04 Exquisite Bskt wax and Rookies, 86/87 MJ and 86/87 Graded packs, 90's Jordan inserts and all the modern day big Rookies such as Blake, D Rose, Durant ect... Keep an eye out on this one.

Next weeks a big week for the ultra High end Products. Both Leaf Oval Office and Famous Fabrics Ink - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come live. Both are selling extremely well based on limited allocations and rather than declaring one a winner over the other, they may both rise next week. Keep an eye on the early breaks. Also seeing alot of buying in 2011 Topps Five Star FB which comes live next week also. The 1st of the Ultra High End FB products to hit.

Linsanity continues with 2 Games this weekend. Friday night vs the Hornets and Sunday "Prime Time" vs the Mavs. Not sure what else Lin can do to keep the run going. Products have jumped so high already. It's probably going to take a 30pt + 2 win outing for products to move to the next level. A side note, Lin was added to the 2012 NBA RISING STARS CHALLENGE and the Skills game along with assisting Shumpert in the slam dunk contest. His face will be everywhere that weekend and the media hype will be like Blake's last year.

Keep an eye on the following. Starting to move up:

2011 Topps Supreme FB
2011 UFC Moments of Truth
2010/11 UD Ultimate Collection bskt
2011 Bowman JUMBO BB
2010 Bowman Chrome BB
2011 B0wman Sterling BB

Blowout Cards 2012 NCAA March Madness Basketball Promo #2 has been posted. We still have our Gold Bar Giveaway promo going til the end of the month. This is a "No-Brainer" promo for everyone to enter. It's Free and with about 125 posts so far, it's a great shot at a $1700+ ounce of Gold !

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