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Default Market Report

Market Report:

Keep an eye on 2011 FB products. 2011 Bowman Sterling FB, Topps Supreme FB, Topps 5 star FB and 2011 Panini Certified FB are the lastest movers and dealers and collectors continue to buy 2011 FB. It looks like 2011 Absolute memorabilia FB is the next product that will move higher. I think we are only a few weeks away from seeing a pretty big run up across the board in 2011 FB. Keep an eye on these in the next few days.

There is alot of demand for 2011/12 Panini Hoops bskt which releases this week. Panini announced that they are sold out at the factory and it's also the only new release this week. Could see a pop when it comes live.

Seeing buying in the following Prospect Related BB products the past few days:
2011 Bowman Chrome BB
2011 Bowman Sterling BB
2010 Bowman Chrome BB
2010 Bowman Draft BB
2011 Topps Chrome BB
2011 Bowman Platinum BB
2011 Donruss Elite Extra BB

Seeing a big run this past weekend in 2011 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards. The product came out strong a few weeks ago and continues to move higher. Also the Big Bang Theory release presold very well.

2012 Press Pass Total memorabilia moving higher. The 5 pack box and 1 hit per pack seems to give collectors the feeling that this is a higher end product than it's actual pricepoint. 2011 Leaf Pete Rose also on the move. This will one day be a $100+ box.
We're hearing that Panini is sold out of 2011/12 Crown Royale HK and also may have sold out of the upcoming 2011/12 Panini Preferred Bskt.

If I could give you one tip now, it would be this: Keep an eye on 2003/04 Basketball. There are some major buyers oversees looking to accumulate product and are willing to pay some lofty prices... More to come..stay tuned...

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