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Default Market Update for Monday

Here's what's moving:

2010 Topps Chrome BB and 2010 Bowman Chrome BB on the move higher. Also 2010 & 2011 Bowman Platinum BB. Looks like dealers/collectors are chasing all the under valued wax from previous years. Seeing a strong run in 2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing. We highlighted this last week and the Product is loaded. 2010/11 Panini Gold Standard bskt and 2010/11 Panini Elite Black Box Bskt both about to surge higher. Just a matter of time before these get back to the original factory cost as most high end Bskt products eventually do. Keep an eye on recent Panini Products. Some have sold out at the factory and others are almost poised to pop higher. The list that we think are poised to make a move higher are:

2011/12 Panini Crown Royale HK
2011 Panini Limited Fb
2011 Panini Certified FB
2011 Panini Crown Royale FB
2011 Panini Elite Extra BB

We keep seeing a surge in demand for 1996/97 Bskt product and 2003/04 Bskt products. This seems to be the early stages of some big buying. It may not happen overnight but over the next few months, watch for a shift in demand from many of the high valued wax in 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10 which may have peaked and into the Kobe/Lebron products which are being driven higher. Keep an eye on the single card market as a tip.

UFC products have made run higher in the past 3 weeks and seem to be dry in the market place. Title shot, Finest, Knockouts, Leaf MMA, and Moments of Truth all have seen upside recently.

Keep an eye on 2011 Bowman Chrome and 2011 Bowman Draft. We are still getting requests on a daily basis for Multiple Case lots specifically on these 2 products. Either could take a jump at any point.

2011 Leaf Rookie Retro, 2011 Leaf Pete Rose, Cryptozoic Walking Dead also trending higher.

This week is all about 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball. The live date has been pushed back from Wed to Friday the 9th. Tribute has been a home run the past 2 years. Let's see how this years plays out...We should have breaks posted on the forums by weeks end.

On the presell front, The Hottest presells are :
2012 Leaf Best of Bskt -This may be a $1000 Case one day when it drys up. Collectors will rip this one like crazy from the start.
2012 Topps Heritage BB-Product sells every year. Getting alot of orders as the live date approaches.
2012 Panini Prime Cuts BB- Everyone remembers the 2008 Product. This years is expensive but buyers are taking a shot. Extremely small allocations.
2011/12 Panini Preferred bskt- Another extremely allocated product. If the content is on par for a $200+ box, this one will run as there is very little in the market.
2012 Leaf Metal Draft FB- Have a feeling that with the release date pushed up and the new price point this year, this product will run when it comes live.

A few themes that we're seeing:

1) Consistant buying in 2011 FB. This should continue all year even as the 2012 products hit.
2) 2011 BB Prospect products continue to sell. Bowman Jumbo, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft, Topps Chrome..ect...If we see a good spring training out of some of these guys, 2011 BB is poised to run
3) High end Bskt keeps going higher

More to come...

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Expected that out of the 2011 Bowman product. Hopefully there's one more little sale on draft before the price jumps.
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