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Default Monday Market Report

Here's whats Moving:

Alot of products are hitting at the same time after a lull the past month. Usually when we see 5-6+ products come out at one time, you have to really look at the breaks and weed out the good from the bad. Kind of like the saying "Throwing out the baby with the bathwater" When shops and distributors need to raise cash to keep up with the flow of products, alot of times you will see the good products move lower along with the bad. That's when there is opportunity to pounce on the products that will come back in price over the next few months. This is what we do on a daily basis and these market reports are a way to share this with all of you. Buy the products that you feel have content when others need to turn it over.

Here are the names that I feel will move higher and are priced below where the market should be. I believe these products will run up in the coming weeks and months.

2011 Topps Supreme FB
2011 Topps Five star FB
2012 Leaf Metal FB
2011 Panini Certified FB
2011 Topps Triple THreads FB
2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball
2011 Bowman Draft Baseball
2011 Bowman Chrome 1 Baseball
2011 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead Trading Cards
2009 UD Signature Stars Baseball
2011 Topps Chrome 1 Baseball
2011 Topps UFC Moments of Truth

A few other insights:

Although alot of the attention is on 2012 FB with the draft coming up, there will be alot of 2012 FB products in the next 4 months. 2011 FB is where the money will be made in my opinion. Most of the products that were released up til Dec 2011 are all dry. The recent products in early 2012 such as Supreme and 5 star are starting to dry up and you will still have a shot at 2011 NT FB and a few other Panini products. Bottom line, 2011 FB is close to a sure thing while 2012 FB is still speculation. I firmly believe that when August rolls around, money will be going into 2011 Products more than any other year. Get ahead of the curve between now and then.

We're also seeing alot of collectors jumping on 2010 and 2011 Baseball products. If you recall, 2010 was the Strasburg year that shot up and then fell sharply. It has taken 2 years but the rookie crop is loaded and values are coming back. Consider 2010 as the value stock and 2011 as the growth stock. If your looking for the home run, then look at 2009 UD Signature Stars which has both rookie classes and is priced well below market.

2011 Topps BB value Boxes continue to sell and should until that Harper Super gets pulled.

More to come. Thanks for reading

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