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Default Getting started on Blowout Forums

Been selling on Ebay for years, have a feedback rating of over 3000+, have never received a negative or neutral feedback. Tired of paying fees after fees.
Have been looking at other peoples posting on this website, trying to gauge the best way to post cards.
Being that I have 0 feedback, was wondering what is the best way to get your foot in the door?
Not much of a trader, does not being a trader discourage people from dealing with you?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ebay id: nyisle
ebay store id: BaseSetCommons
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No, not trading does not discourage anyone. There are plenty of people that just buy and sell on here.

Being that you are new, there are going to be members that want you to send first in a trade, but since you are just buying and selling you should be perfectly fine. Anyone that buys from you is covered by paypal so there should not be any hesitation by anyone just because you have 0 feedback.

When Selling always include pics. If you don't have them you are going to get asked for them. And of course if selling you must always have a price listed. Other than that Welcome to the Forums and Good luck!
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Fair prices and quick shipping will get your ratings up. I would recommend keeping the prices at Ebay prices or below. People also like deals on multiple cards and lots. If you can list your prices to include delivery that seems to work better. If it's a low-end card people will sometimes go for delivery in a Plain White Envelope (PWE) to get a lower cost versus the bubble mailer and tracking number. And of course if you think they are lowballing your price it's always okay to say "no thanks"!

I definitely agree with dthimesch about having pics ready of the cards. If you haven't set up a Photobucket account for your cards, I would do that. You can always link to pictures there and keep the link in your signature if people want to check out your bucket.

Just be mindful of the forum rules on here like not bumping your own sales threads in less than 24 hours and updating your listings if you do sell anything.

With such a high rating on Ebay I'm sure you'll do well here. Good luck with the sales!
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Thanks for the advice guys... I have been looking at what people are posting and what they are asking for shipping. I notice most try to include it in the price and the lower stuff in PWE's. Just trying to do my homework and see what the norm is on here.
I signed up for photobucket the other day so hopefully I can get that going. I normally scan all my cards, keep it on a portable USB drive, a 4GB card that is more than half full with just scans of cards.
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