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Default Cult-Stuff Military Propaganda & Poster Series 1 3 pack break

I was inspired by Nicnac's case break:

I picked up some individual lots and 3 packs to check out the product.

Really, really cool stuff and I think I did pretty well for just 3 packs.

Any ideas what award the ribbon is from? I guess it's from the Atlantic Star, based on the back but the color is a little different.

I actually bought a single of the "Mirror - Wise" card, so I'd be interested in moving the other 2 if any of you need it. If you have interest in anything, shoot me a PM.

I have 3 base sets for sale for $15 dlvd (each, if you want more than one I'll cut you a break on shipping). I also have one set sealed from a big eBay seller who has a unique promo card included in the set for $16 dlvd.

I bought another set just to play around with
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.

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Nice break! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, it is the Atlantic Star (the same ribbon I pulled). For some reason, these cards printed really dark but the pattern is the same.

The sketch is a great pull as I believe redemption cards are the rarest chase...

I might attempt to build the canvas parallel set so keep me in mind if you are trading.

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