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Default Monday Market Report:

Monday Market Report:

Here's what's moving:

2011/12 ITG Captian C- One of the best ITG HK products produced. Breakers love the content and with approx. 200cs made. This one was underordered and most places are sold out. Should be a $125+ Box soon. Keep an eye on the 2011/12 ITG Between the Pipes. Could be the next to run when it comes live.

2012 Topps UFC Knockouts-Great MMA product and a the breaks have been consistantly Loaded. Should be $180+

2012 Leaf Best of Basketball-High Risk... High reward...High end breakers keep breaking. Eventually this will be a $1000+ case when the product dries up. Almost every Case seems to pull multiple Mixed Autos of Kobe, Durant, Lebron, MJ ect...some Huge $5000+ hits are to be had still.

2012 Leaf Metal Golf- This product will get more attention this week with the Masters. Breakers are loving this product. It's been a while since there was a Golf product and Leaf did a great job in mixing Variations, Superfractor 1/1's and LPGA Cards which bring a nice premium. Should see $90+ soon

2009 UD Signature Stars BB- We mentioned picking these up when they were $40-$45. Now everyone is looking to break this product and dealers are chasing. Still way undervalued for the price point. This will be a $75+ box in a matter of months. There are just too many rookies spread across 3 draft classes and a ton of B.Harper Autos. Even when you don't hit Harper, the consolation

2011 BOwman Chrome BB and 2011 Bowman Draft BB- Both continue to trend higher and dealers keep trying to restock. The price moves higher each week. There is a gap between the Bowman Chrome and the Bowman Draft Pricing. Different Rookies and Bowman Chrome seems like the better break but looks like there is more upside in Bowman Draft at current levels. Keep an eye on 2011 Topps Chrome BB also which is moving up under the radar.

2011 Cryptozoic The Big Bang Theory- Product reached $100 a Bx pretty quickly. Looks like these will be $125 very soon. Product is scarce and fans are still breaking.

Here's are a few others to keep an eye on. We can usually guage the pulse of the market pretty well and are seeing alot of demand for the following products. Have a feeling these could run in the next few weeks:

2010/11 Panini Elite Black Box Bskt
2010/11 Panini Dominion HK
2010 Bowman Chrome BB
2010 Topps Chrome BB
2009 Bowman Sterling BB
2011 Bowman Platinum BB
2010 Bowman Draft BB

On the presell front, seeing alot of demand for the Early 2012 Topps FB products. 2012 Finest, Inceptions and Platinum orders are very strong and could outperform based on last years success. Keep an eye on 2012 Leaf Valient FB also.

Two products to focus on this week:

2011 Panini National Treasures FB will be a monster. We should see a ton of breaks over the next few weeks. The early breaks will be a tell as to how far these will run.

2012 Topps Museaum BB could go either way. The product is sold out at Topps and was underordered. If the breaks come out Hot, watch for a quick run up on these to $180+. Very little out there. If the breaks are average then watch for these to move down to direct cost which is around $145 a Box.

More to come...
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