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Default Quick Market Update for Thursday

We are hearing that 2012 Bowman Signature Football is extremely short printed. Find what you can and lock it in as allocations from Topps are tiny.
2011 NT FB continues to move higher. This could be a $2000 case by the time the season starts. 2011 Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft are both moving up. Hosmer 2011 BC cards are on fire. His 2008 Razor Letterman & Razor Signature rookies are moving also. Keep an eye on 2010 BB products. Strasburg about to drive these back up with a few more outings like yesterday. Keep an eye on 2009 Products with Cespedes, Darvish and D.Freese now. Freese Rookies could make a big move this year.

For the non-sport fans, we all know how well The Walking Dead and Big Bang did. Have a feeling Rittenhouse could have a huge winner on their hands also. The Hit HBO series Game of Thrones will have trading cards from season 1. The checklist covers literally the whole cast and there is a huge buzz already over the release...keep an eye on this one.

Leaf changed up the 2012 Leaf Valiant FB product from a 12 box Case down to a 10 bx Case and added Hot Boxes that are now random in every 3 cases while cutting production. The key is that the Hot Boxes will have different levels (/99, /25,/10, /5). You could see some boxes selling for $500+. Nice added benefit for collectors. This one just seems like a no-brainer. If Leaf Metal FB is a $65+ Box with 3 Autos, Leaf Valiant is a higher end product with 4 Autos and is preselling at around $60. Valiant has to move up at some point.

More to come....
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