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Unhappy Angels Fan Fest has come.....and gone.....

well this years fan fest has come and sucked..... last year at least you could get 6-8 i walked away with 4. well they dont say who is in what line. gates open @ 7 i was about 25 people back. 5 tables w/ 2 chairs each jammed in one spot.... jump in a line and make friends w/ others so you can jump in theres if u didnt like the one your in so i did that. guy had his wife in one line his friend in the other and he was in our line. so we find out that autos will start @ 9:30!!! open at 7 and no autos till 9:30....alot of standing..... fast fwd 9:45 and the wave of people come. so first 2 people sit down in the guys friend line. i need both and mecier is a hard one to get here in LA. so i was liek im going over there if we have scrubs. (no starters where signing FYI pujols, hunter, trumbo, kendrick ya everyone that was wanted wasnt coming) so our 2 guys come out scott downs and the closer walden...i jumped ship. so did the other guy. his wife had wells and chris innette but didnt need wells so i got aybar and micer pic below


so than next to his wife was (SCRUB TABLE) latroy hawkins and bobby abrue. and the end table was kendry morales and forgot. so after wards i said might as well try for morales. got in line. and no it was 30 min and the players where up. thats it for the players. now the vetrens are coming @ 11.................. well stay in the line im in pretty close so we wait........1110 comes and here they are. garrett anderson sits other end, clyde wright next to him, chuck finley, jim abbott and our guy mike witt....ugh..... so i jump that line and go back 40 people to abbott line. got him and he inscribed the NH for me. IT IS A EXTRA FT

mike witt line and clydre wright line had no one so i was like when i get done with jim ill go get witt. i get in and about 20 people infront of me. the lady says 2 more min... good grieff! so he starts flying signing away. people where very disaponted. i got him but he wouldnt inscribe is perfect game....ugh u win and lose i guess. got 2 angels i needed so take it for what its worth.
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