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Default Monday Market Report

Hearing that a few of 2012 Topps Releases have sold out at the factory. Had a feeling a few of these would sell out early but didn't think they would have sold out this quickly and all at once. In any case, dealers will be scrambling to try and get what they can today if they underordered before this announcement. In turn, pricing across the board on sold out items will probably move up this week.

Here are the items that are sold out currently: (Some of them were known previously but mentioned again)

2012 Bowman Baseball Hobby
2012 Bowman Baseball Jumbo
2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball
2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball
2012 Topps Chrome Baseball
2012 Topps Finest Baseball
2012 Bowman Signatures Football
2012 Topps Inception Football
2012 Topps Tier One Baseball

The surprises on that list are 2012 Topps Chrome BB, Finest BB, Bowman Platinum BB and Inceptions FB. We're not surprised that they sold out but that they sold out so quickly after the ordering began. Bowman BB and Bowman Signature FB were already known to have sold out. Ginter usually sells out each year. The interesting product is Tier One BB. With the added content, parts of it look like Museum BB and could be the sleeper.

What will be interesting now are the following products. We have a feeling that the following may sell out soon also:

2012 Topps Series II Baseball Hobby & Jumbos (Harper Base Cards added)
2012 Topps Chrome Football (As soon as the info hits, everyone will be on this one based on last years success)
2012 Topps Finest Football (A winner the past 3 years)
2012 Topps Platinum Football (Big winner last year compared to factory cost)

Rest of the Market:

2012 Topps Museum and Tribute both about to move higher. Museum will be $250 at some point and Tribute will be $300
2011 Panini National Treasures FB continues to sell. This will be a $2000 case next season.
2011 Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft and Topps Chrome BB continue to sell. These are the top prospecting products that are in demand

Products with Bryce Harper are all gaining alot of attention. They haven't taken that next move higher yet but keep them on the radar. If Harper breaks out, certain products will run higher in a flash.

Seeing alot of interest in Baseball Prospecting products:
2005 Bowman Chrome, 2010 Topps Chrome, 2010 Bowman Chrome , 2011 Bowman hobby & Jumbos, 2009 Signature Stars, 2011 bowman Sterling, 2011 Bowman Platinum, 2010 Bowman Platinum, 2010 Bowman Draft, 2008 Razor Letterman, 2008 Razor Signature.

Seeing alot of interest picking up in 2003/04 Products with Lebron and 96/97 products with Kobe. At some point, one or both may challange for the all time scoring title and collectors are positioning for the next "Jordan" type values. Watching the wax in both years creeping higher.

More to come...
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Great report... Id be curious as to whether 08/09 basketball products are seeing any quick dumping or drop with the injury to Rose?
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08-09 products won't have much affect with the Rose injury. Still a solid RC class w/ Westbrook, Love, who will be perennial all-stars. UD basketball products are in short supply anyways. Plus, they allow for the chance to get and MJ, Lebron or Kobe auto.
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